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My Favorite Running Backdrops

Ever-changing backdrops make my runs more enjoyable and unique. And no matter how many places I run there will always be certain running routes who’s backdrops have captured my heart.

Location: Fort Myers Beach, FL

Route: Estero Boulevard

Mileage: 4

Vacation running can be difficult, but lucky for me my family likes to vacation in the same spot.  For this reason, the sandy backdrop of Fort Myers Beach is permanently ingrained in this runner’s mind. After years of visiting the same place,  I taught myself a quick four mile route that takes you along Estero Boulevard and over Big Carlos Pass.  Crossing Big Carlos Pass is my favorite spot along the route because if you go early in the morning a dolphin spotting is almost guaranteed. Every time I run this route, I pause along the bridge to take in the moment, catch a few sightings of the dolphins, and listen to the sound of the ocean waves.

Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Running Routes Florida

Location: Athens, OH

Route: Angel Ridge

Mileage: 12

In a small college town in southeast Ohio, I  pounded the pavement of Athens’ residential streets. Winding through the suburbs and climbing up the hills with my teammates right beside me, stride for stride.

Angel Ridge is the route I imagine as I run my long runs nowadays. I picture starting out at Peden Stadium and heading down Richland Avenue. I envision bracing myself for the climb up Pomeroy Road, a half mile incline and counting down the seconds until I make a sharp left turn toward Angel Ridge Road. Then I make sure to catch my breath and enjoy the flat sections before turning down Long Run Road and making my descent back toward campus.  This twelve mile loop left foot prints on my heart for its views, but mostly for the company that was always present when the Sunday long run beckoned.

Athens, Oh, Angel Ridge, Ohio University

Location: Seattle, WA

Route: Lake Union Loop

Mileage: 6.2 

Confession: I’m a Seattle transplant. Since moving to this running mecca I can’t help but be blown away by all the awesome places to run. However, the place that has captured this Midwest runner’s heart is the Lake Union Loop.

Starting at our headquarters on 34th street and heading toward the University Bridge creates a six mile loop around Lake Union and back to Fremont.  Some days, I like to take in the sights and go through Gas Works Park to gaze upon a spectacular view of the city. This route is always buzzing with runners and seeing so many Seattlites has made me feel right at home. There’s nothing better than a smile, head nod or high five from another runner.

Seattle, Lake Union, Lake Union Loop, Gas Works Park

What are your favorite running backdrops? We want to know. Comment below or tweet us.

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