Apr | 6
Running Tips

Ready, Set, Swap!

We may have been able to keep running in the same attire you’ve been running in the last few months but one of these days, BAM! The weather will transition and it will be time to surrender to spring wear. What should you be swapping? We have some ideas of things you might want to have on deck for the great springtime swap.

1) Say bye bye to gloves and hello to arm warmers. It’s time to switch to short sleeves and if it the weather isn’t that warm yet, might we suggest using arm warmers that are easy-to-pack and easy-to-carry.

2) If you’re in a rainy climate like Seattle (we know wet running very well), it can be time to swap that waterproof jacket for a nice, light Henley.

3) We are so thankful our footwear team makes great GORTEX products so we don’t have to take a rain check on our run. But now we can get out those Adrenaline GTS 15s and pack up the Adrenaline ASRs until fall.

What are your springtime running swaps? We want to hear from you!

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What's my favorite Brooks shoe? PureFlow, Ghost, Glycerin and don't forget about the Transcend.
  1. Mike

    After 500 winter miles in the Launch, I am changing them out for a new pair of Ghost 7’s. Cant wait for them to arrive to start spring training! I just purchased them yesterday!

  2. tim

    Had been using the Launch–waited until the weather finally warmed up to try the Launch 2. I love them! The Launch series are the only shoes that work for me so far. Also thank you for adding new colors (kaleidoscope, boston marathon theme) The more color options, the better.

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