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England, New England. We Compare the Marathons.

It’s April and with two big marathons taking place this month, we can’t help but be excited. One race in England and one race in New England. It got us thinking, how do these races and places differ? Let’s see the breakdown:


Favourite Word:

Knackered (verb: exhausted)

The Course:

A nice, flat and fast course is great for the runners. But did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records hometown has many runners trying to break official world records? Hundreds will try to break records for the fastest person dressed as a toilet, or the fastest marathoner carrying golf clubs or the fastest marathoner wearing high heels.

Brooks Themed Shoe:

London Ghost 7

This shoe features the red telephone box that is a London icon and has persevered since 1920 – despite an attempt in 1981 to change the color to yellow. Also in 1981, the London Marathon was born with the dream of bringing people of all types together in one “joyous sporting festival.” Now, 35 years later, the Brooks London Ghost 7 celebrates both the timeless endurance of the red telephone box and that of every runner who will experience the elation of completing the marathon this month.

Brooks Running, Ghost 7, London, Run in Relevery


Favorite Word:

Awesome (adjective: extremely impressive)

The Course:

Here in the colonies, runners are presented with a major hill at the end of the race – Heartbreak Hill. How did the hill get it’s name? It’s said that in 1936 the defending champ caught the race leader and patted his shoulder as he passed and that broke his heart.

Brooks Themed Shoe:

Boston Lobster Launch 2

There is a toughness and resilience to Boston like no other. The Lobster Launch 2 brings this shared resilience and toughness to life through the depiction of the New England lobster – a tough shellfish who gets better with age – and product details inspired by one of New England’s most iconic, grittiest industries. Let’s dig into this lobster!
• The Rope Lace signifies the rope from the fisherman
• Blue Ocean Midsole is an ode to the Atlantic
• Wood Lace Aglets Represent the Fishing Trap
• Packaged in a white, branded fishing net
• Product colors are a playful representation of the U.S. flag

Brooks Running, Lobster, Launch 2

To all the Boston and London runners, we wish you a healthy, run happy race. We’re cheering you on!


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