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Preparing for Boston 2015: Desi Linden

It’s hard to believe that the Boston Marathon is a short two months away! Snowmageddon 2015 has almost made us lose sight of spring racing. But then we remembered that our Brooks Elite athletes and many of you have been putting in the work to prepare to take a right on Hereford left on Boylston.

So we reached out to the experts to see how their preparation has been going. First up, Desi Linden!

Q: The Boston Marathon seems to hold a special place in your heart. What is it about Boston that keeps you coming back?

Desi: I love the course. I think it really plays to my strengths and the history of the event. I debuted in Boston and fell in love with the event, had a solid breakthrough there, and I still think I have some more to accomplish – it’s a race that really brings out the best in me.

Q: You spent six-weeks training in Kenya in preparation for Boston. Tell us a little bit about your experience there and what it was like to train in Kenyan altitude.

Desi: Training in Iten Kenya is something I really enjoy and hope to continue to work into my spring marathon buildups. It’s great to be a part of a culture that really embraces running and live a full running lifestyle, where the entire focus is on quality running followed by recovery. The focus on recovery is huge in Iten because of the altitude and the rugged and hilly roads, all the running is tough and requires quality recovery.

Q: What has been your favorite part of this training segment, so far?

Desi: I enjoy the altitude training in Iten but it’s also nice to get back and start doing the marathon specific work. Gaining fitness by putting in big workouts at, or faster than, marathon pace is always my favorite part and seeing progress throughout a buildup is always fun.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of your Boston training?

Desi: The winter. Fortunately I’ve dogged most of the cold and snowy days with my trip to Kenya and a long training stint in Florida.  I did pay some dues and logged a  nice 12 miler in -11 feels like -35 before making it down to Florida.

Q: You’re about two months out from the marathon, overall how are you feeling?

Desi: Tired! Not much longer until the taper though.

Q: What will be your highest training priority during the last training segment leading up to Boston?

Desi: The highest priority is focusing on marathon pace, really learning the rhythm and getting comfortable running at that effort.

Q: What advice would you give to someone running Boston for the first time?

Desi: Get yourself prepared for the downhill. Most people worry about the climbing in the Newton Hills but Boston is a downhill course, once you come off of Heartbreak you head back downhill for the final few miles – if you train yourself to run downhill on tired quads you can make up some good time in the later miles.

Q: Three years ago, you placed second at Boston Marathon! What’s your goal for this year’s race?

Desi: The goal is to be competitive and continue to improve. Last year I was right under 2:24 but finished 10th place – I think if I run to my ability I can improve significantly on both of those this time out.

Are you training for Boston? We want to hear about how your training has been going! Comment below or tweet us @brooksrunning.

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