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Behind the Laces

Behind the Laces: Ravenna 6

Raise your hand if you need a shoe that has the just-right combination of cushion and stability. If your hand is raised, then we invite you to step into the Ravenna 6. This shoe is light and responsive. Nick Symmonds loves it. He basically dedicates his Instagram feed to his love of the Ravenna 6. Okay, that last part is a fib but he really does love his Ravenna’s.

We pumped the Ravenna 6 up to provide the same great ride but with new technology. What’s new you ask? Let’s dig in

– Be one with your Ravenna 6: a new, thinner upper fits closer to the foot to help keep your feet cool and content.

– An adjustable mid-foot saddle that pulls from your heel and arch and integrated with the upper for an engaging fit.

And what’s not new but still wonderful? We talked about the Transcend 2 last week and Super DNA. The Ravenna 6 is equipped with BioMoGo DNA which provides runners with lightweight and adaptive cushioning. BUT, BioMoGo DNA is cushioning we developed that includes an organic, non-toxic additive that biodegrades the midsole 50 times faster than traditional EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate for those who were about to search for the definition). So what does that mean? If you don’t keep your shoes forever, they will break down 50 times faster in the landfill.

We could go on and on but will let you watch handsome Casimir Loxsom tell you more about the Ravenna 6. Did we mention Casimir just broke the American Record for the indoor 600-meter? Well that happened. And we’re pretty proud.

What questions do you have about the Ravenna 6? We love to hear from you.


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  1. Amphibian King West

    Definitely one of our most popular guidance shoes by a long way. Customers love the level of support available and the fit is top notch. Oh, as well as being nice and light the shoe is finely balanced between cushioning and responsiveness so ideal for those longer tempo runs and racing too!!

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