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Tech Talk: The Transcend 2

January is almost over. Did you start off your year with gear that inspires you to run? If you are a runner that needs a supportive shoe – meaning you need some stability to help with pronation – we are excited to talk about the Transcend 2 and take you through what’s new.

The Transcend 2 helps you <motocross announcer’s voice> rise above the run just like the first edition. This shoe is the ultimate Float experience with unbeatably plush and the smoothest, most luxurious ride, attuned to your own unique biomechanics.

The Transcend 2 is fully loaded top to bottom. The specially designed upper includes dual mesh and no-sew tunnels takes the plush feel to a new level. The fresh new design uses vibrant colors to bring the Ideal Pressure Zones to life, highlighting their importance as a tool to distribute pressure evenly in the heel, mid-foot and forefoot.


And now let’s talk about the technology! <short pause while we put on our lab coats and glasses to talk tech>

Super DNA! We invented DNA cushioning to adapt to runners. Then we raised the bar and invented Super DNA that provides the ultimate cushioned ride that still adapts to your every stride and 25% more cushioning!

Guide Rail System. The guide rail system revolutionize traditional stability by allowing your hips, knees and joints to move with their unique motion path while you run – all without traditional posts.

Rounded Heel. Our rounded heel is a fancy name we use for the rounded and reduced heel on our shoe. It aligns your stride naturally and easily.

Okay, we got carried away. If you want even more information about the Transcend 2, listen to Danielle’s talk about the shoe in this video. Ready to rise above the run?

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What's my favorite Brooks shoe? PureFlow, Ghost, Glycerin and don't forget about the Transcend.
  1. nicole millis

    Bought the first edition of these shoes…many blisters and man lost toenails. They force your foot to the front of the shoe. They may work great for someone out there but I recommended going on a few runs in these outside the store. And if they don’t feel great return them asap! Went back to the adrenaline gts line…will never run in anything else!

    • brooksblog

      Hi Nicole- We’re glad to hear you’re running happy in the Adrenaline GTS. The Transcend works great for many runners, but some people seeking support, like you, will find a better ride in the Adrenaline GTS.

    • newtonmarunner

      I agree. The Trance 12 is so much more to my liking than the Transcend. I do not like the guide rails instead of the posts for support, and have since switched to the Adrenaline and the Asics Gel Kayano, which are both lighter, are more responsive to your feet, and have less cushioning. I also love the Adrenaline’s upper, and prefer the Brooks shoe shape to that of Asics. But as a notorious striker, I do miss that Trance level float-on-clouds level cushioning for recovery runs.

      • brooksblog

        @newtonmarunner The Transcend 2 is an amazing shoe that offers superb cushioning and on-demand support, but we know it may not be for every runner. We’re glad to hear the Adrenaline GTS is helping you Run Happy- thanks for running with us!

        • AT

          Unless you guys can recommend a Brooks shoe that is closest to the Trance, I’m going to have to go with the Saucony Hurricane recommend by a local shoe store. I loved my Brooks shoes but hate the Transcend. Any help?

          • brooksblog

            Hi AT,

            Check out our shoe adviser for some quick advice on which Brooks shoe might be the perfect match for you. brks.co/shoeadvisor

  2. Teasetarte

    I bought the Transcend and only used it twice. Didn’t keep my store receipt. For $175 after taxes in this economy, I didn’t think that my pinky toes would feel a tight squeeze and hurt me. If a Brooks executive/customer service rep is reading this, I would love to send the shoe back to you in exchange for the Transcend 2, which didn’t hurt my feet in the a store when I tried them on.

  3. Trancegirl

    I was a trance runner for three consecutive versions. I ran a few months in the first transcend, and even when I just wear them in the house, my arches and inner knees hurt. This shoe is not what the hype is all about. I will not be buying another brooks for a while. I had been committed for years. I’m ready for another brand.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Trancegirl. We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the Transcend as much as you did the Trance. Check out our shoe adviser for some quick advice on which Brooks shoe might be the perfect match for you. brks.co/shoeadvisor

  4. Mlee234

    I don’t know anything about the first version of the Transcend, but I definitely know something about the Transcend 2, and that is that it is simply amazing. I switched back to a conventional running shoe after running in New Balance Minimus shoes for the past four years. I developed posterior tibial tendonitis, and my podiatrist told me that if I didn’t start wearing my orthotics again, the pain would just get worse. I used to exclusively wear Brooks, and now I remember why. The Transcend 2 is a great shoe!

    • brooksblog

      @disqus_gQ4Jfz6mZ6:disqus Both shoes provide amazing cushioning, but you’ll want to check out the Transcend 2 if you like a shoe that provides some support.

  5. Marie Webb

    I loved the feel and cushioning of the first gen, but I couldn’t ignore the blisters. I had blister on the ball of foot just below the big toe on both feet in almost the exact same spot (I would say less than 1/2 off).

    Fleet Feet in Syracuse stopped carrying the transcend due to negative feedbacks as in being two narrow! Please make a wide for us wider foot people!

    • brooksblog

      Hey Marie. If you’re looking for a wide shoe with great support, we recommend trying the Adrenaline GTS 15 or the Addiction 11 since both are available in wide and extra wide.

      • Marie Webb

        Thanks. Already trying ardrenaline but isn’t the like transcend. As stated before I loved the shoe and want in a wide because there is nothing that is even close to it. I went to ASIC Kayanos which were too much stability for marathon training.

        I think you need to look what customers are saying because many people have commented on reviews the show is narrow.

  6. TracenSF

    I have problems with the top flat ribbon lacing. I bought a one pair and the top flat ribbon lacing broke on the fourth time I put them one. I returned the pair and got a new pain…the same happened, but, on the second time lacing them up.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Ed,

      We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the Transcend as much as you did the Trance. Check out our shoe adviser for some quick advice on which Brooks shoe might be the perfect match for you. brks.co/shoeadvisor

  7. Elizabeth Timmes

    I bought the Transcend 2 as a recommendation from a running store and I’m sorry I listened. The shoes gave me blisters on my heal and the tongue of the shoes rub on my ankles and left a blister there also. The cushion is fine, a bit of a bulky shoe. I couldn’t return them because I ran in them. So I couldn’t find all this out just walking around in my house. I’m very disappointed. Now I have expensive shoes I can’t run in.

  8. Tracy Blattner

    So frustrated! I’ve worn the Brooks Adrenaline GTS for years. It has been the only shoe for me! Now the back heel is nearly 1/4 in taller on either side of the dip in the back of shoe at the heel. The points on either side of the dip are ridiculous, and I have big blisters. You need to sit the old shoe beside the new version, and compare. I’m thinking I may have to take the scissors to the darn thing:( Please, please, please fix this for the next GTS?????

  9. Stacy

    I have a pair of transcends. And for my gate run it works great, I went in last week to get another pair of shoes but they only had one color and I already have that one so I got a neutral shoe I got the ghost and I am very disappointed for my structure it hurt my feet so horribly that my knee actually started to hurt. For me that was the worst money I spent. Now I am stuck with a pair of ghosts and the shoes that I wore for one day and I can’t do anything with them let alone wear them. So if you could come out with more colors I would be much happier the right now I’m quite disappointed because I bought a pair of shoes that now sit in my closet doing nothing

  10. Ness

    I was about to write a letter to the company, then saw this blog here giving feedback about the Transcend 2. I was going to write to say how much I enjoyed the Trance 12 and how much I dislike the Transcend 2. I am really aware of this shoe when I’m running and find my knees hurt after a big run. I thought I might be alone with my review, but I see that 75% of the comments here are begging Brooks to bring back the Trance 12, so I don’t know why your advice is constantly to see which other Brooks products might work? It appears we all did have a product that worked for us. I’m not sure why you’re not really listening to your customers? I will be voting with my feet, so to speak, and going with the Asics Gel Nimbus if Brooks aren’t even considering bringing back the Trance 12 which was the most comfortable, supportive ride for long-distance strike runners. I’d like to finally reiterate how few comments here are in favour of the Transcend.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Ness. We definitely appreciate your feedback on the Transcend 2, and will pass it along to our footwear team as they go about improving upon the Transcend 2 and the rest of our shoes. We know all runners are unique and move differently, but we’re confident we have a shoe for you, even if it’s not the Trance 12. We’ve updated our new shoe finder (http://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/ShoeFinder) to help you get quick advice online about which shoe that might be. Our customer service team can also help and even point you in the direction of a running store close to you that can help find a Brooks shoe that works best for you.

  11. Mitch Bern

    I have to agree with the other posters here, the Trance 12 was the best. It was the workhorse of the trainers I rotate through and I miss it dearly. I tried the Transcend 2 and the Adrenaline GTS 15 when I finally went through my stock pile of Trance 12’s and there is no comparison. Neither shoe offers the same combination of support, stability, and cushioning that the Trance 12 did. Please Brooks, BRING BACK THE TRANCE!!!!!!!!

  12. Sara Z

    I purchased my Transcend 2s just over a month ago and they felt amazing in the store and didn’t bother me during a boxfit class… However, upon a few runs I am suffering severe blisters! I’ve tried everything including Vaseline on my heels, double socks, scholls blister prevention stripes on my heels. Nothing helps and the shoes aren’t too small or too big either.

    Unfortunately, the store here only accepts returns before 30 days and I’m just over that. If a Brooks executive/customer service rep is reading this, I would love to send the shoe back to you in exchange for the Adrenaline GTS. I’m just at a loss of what to do after investing the money into a pair of shoes I believed would be great support to me in my runs.

  13. Tina S

    I am also having knee pain with the Transcend 2. I’ve never had knee pain before. I roll out on my right foot. My feet feel great in them, and the lateral pain in my calf has disappeared. It seems these shoes have just transferred the torque of my stride to my knees. Could they be too soft? or just too corrective? Might try super feet in them. Not sure what to do, I’m past my 30 days too.

  14. Crystal Grafft

    I recently upgraded to a decent pair because i’m training for my first marathon. I run about 30-40 miles a week. I apparently had worn out the soles on my initial pair so much that it caused a foot injury on the outside bone of the bottom of my left foot. I recovered, but then I decided to buy the transcend 3. They were great for the first short run but then for my first long, by mile 8 I had severe pain in my left arch. I have extremely flat feet. These shoes were great for cushion…i mean i felt like I could run forever, but I had a massive blister on the inside of my foot..maybe from rubbing of the rail..not sure.

  15. Colleen

    LOVED the Trance 11 and 12! Mostly 12. The best! Ran many a triathlon in those glorious shoes. Between the two, I think I bought about 5 pair. So sad…cannot find a replacement.

  16. Cheryl

    After the trance was discontinued I switched to asics keyano but never had the same feel I did with the trance. It’s been a few years since I’ve owned brooks and looking into options. What should I go for? I’ll soon be training for a half marathon.

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