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How to: Pack for Your Active Vacation

Who wants to go on an active adventure? It’s winter, of course we are thinking about running somewhere else- maybe somewhere warm and sunny, or filled with new sights. If you are heading on a runcation this year, we are here to help you resist the urge to over pack and also volunteer as your travel/run buddy. Take us with you? When selecting the right gear and clothing to bring, use our checklist to ensure all your active vacation needs are covered and your running needs, too.

Transportable Travel Documents

Have peace of mind while you pace your time during your getaway or international exploration. Pack these important items in a plastic bag for quick reference when running:

– Photocopy of identification cards and/or first page of your passport (if traveling internationally)
– International health card with immunizations
– List of key phone numbers
– ID bracelet

Performance and Lifestyle Clothing

It’s like having cake AND pie. Yes, you can have performance and lifestyle clothing all-in-one. Chilling at a café? Cruising around the countryside? Look stylish without sacrificing performance no matter where the adventure takes you!


– Long-sleeve shirt (will protect you against sun and bugs): Men’s PureProject Long Sleeve Shirt
– Quick-drying pants/shorts: Men’s PureProject Pants
– Wind-breaking jacket or vest: Men’s Essential Vest IV
– Sun-shielding hat: HVAC Run Happy Hat II


– Long-sleeve shirt (will protect you against sun and bugs): Women’s Nightlife Long Sleeve Shirt
– Performance/Lifestyle bottoms: Women’s PureProject Shelter Pant
– Wind-breaking jacket or vest – our recommendation: Women’s Nightlife Essential Vest III
– Sun-shielding hat: PureProject Cadet Hat

Multi-use Footwear

Maintain mileage without sacrificing comfort and style when you’re hunting down a post-run snack and then going sightseeing.

– Trail shoes for off-road explorations: Cascadia 10
– Running shoes that are also suitable for walking and sightseeing: PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4
– Compression calf sleeves keep your legs feeling fresh all day or after a long day of travel. Wear them before, during and after a run to help with blood flow.

Active Vacation Accessories for Runners

From the highest peaks to unfamiliar city streets, pack these essentials to protect yourself (and your running partner) against extreme conditions and unforeseen circumstances:
– Plastic bags (for wet clothes)
– First-aid kit with sunscreen, insect repellent and hand sanitizer
– Day pack with a hydration bladder or re-useable water bottle
– Water disinfection system or tablets
– Headlamp
– Quick-dry travel towel

Runners: Is there something we missed that you just can’t travel without? Tell us in the comments section, below. Travel Happy!

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