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Brooks Employees’ 2015 Running Resolutions

Res•o•lu•tion. Noun.

The act of finding an answer or solution. At Brooks, we had our fair share of resolution conversations as the year kicked off. And we have our fair share of good ‘ol razzing your co-workers when you don’t stick to your goals. So to keep us honest and to help inspire more runners out there, we wanted to publicly share some resolutions from Brooks’ employees.

1. One of our marketing team members who runs nearly every day, is going to race his first half marathon. He’s going the distance!

2. Our go, go, go sales team is always on the run, and one of our team members wants to take the time to stretch after every run.

3. We love this resolution from one of our events team members who wants to get to know more people. She has resolved to run with someone new every week. Of course an events person is a people person, right?

4. Stronger core = better running form. We heard from Jesse Williams, our sports marketing manager, that he is focused on doing a core strength routine three times a week to better his running form.

5. One of our Vice Presidents definitely used some political positioning for his running resolution. He is going to (and we quote) “run some competitive races.” We laughed and asked exactly how many race; he was slippery and said “some,” meaning he could do any number and would make his resolution a success. It’s the little victories that count, right?


Boy, do we love where we work! And we love to run. So as we near mid-January, tell us: did you write any running resolutions?

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