Dec | 23

5 Healthier Ways to Indulge in Seasonal Treats

For those of us who love to feast, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some healthier holiday options to fuel your yuletide stride.

1) Greek yogurt

If you’re cooking, swap greek yogurt for heavier fats like cream cheese, mayo, and sour cream.  It will be lighter and just as delicious!

2) Tiny appetizers

Make tiny appetizers!  You’ll still be able to enchant your taste buds with many options, but you won’t fill up before dinner.

3) Less sinful cookies

We’re never going to say no to cookies, but why not try a simpler kind?  These coconut dreams feel indulgent but really aren’t so bad.

4) Run in the morning before your feast

The way you begin the day determines how easy it is to stay “on track” and feeling fine.  Naturally, we think the best way to start the day is with a run!

5) Alternate special beverages with water

With so many delicious treats and drinks over the holidays, it’s easy to forget to hydrate.  That leaves you hungrier, thirstier, and way less Run Happy.  Try alternating water with your other drinks.

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