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Behind the Laces: Brooks PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4

We sat down with Carson Caprara (Yes again! He makes a lot of shoes!) from our footwear team to talk shop about PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4. If you’re already a PureProject runner, or simply curious about trying a lightweight shoe, read on to get the inside scoop.

 Hi Carson. We think you’re special but tell us what’s so special about the PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4?

For both shoes, we used innovative technologies such as the rounded heel and toe-flex that work with runner’s individual biomechanics for a truly unique running experience. Between the two models, you’ll find varying levels of support without compromising weight or the super flexible feel. The PureCadence is a lightweight shoe that provides extra support, while the PureConnect for the neutral runner — those who are looking for more sensory connection with the ground.

 What’s different about the PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4, compared to earlier versions?

We approached the 4s with one big theme in mind: Simplicity. We asked ourselves, how simple can we make the 4s, keeping only what’s essential from the 3s? We put in a very clean initial design, with minimal overlays, and concentrated on supporting the foot, only where necessary, in order to see how the basic shapes would look on the upper.  We then wrapped the arch with just enough support and basically made the rest of the shoe simply about the foot. For the final touch, we placed a bold, reflective feature on the toe of both shoes. Everything about this shoe is clean and essential.

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For a truly unique running experience, it all starts with a sketch!


We’ve heard the footwear team takes inspirational trips during the early stages of shoe creation design process. We’ve also heard that this inspiration trip was in Japan. Give us the deets!

Yes! For this shoe, we were inspired by Japanese product design and architecture because it’s characterized by the same elements of simplicity and functionality that we were going after. When we weren’t consuming far too much sushi in Tokyo, we were chewing on the Japanese term “Takumi,” which means each detail is crafted with intention. You’ll especially notice this level of thoughtfulness in the lighter, softer, more breathable materials selected for both the PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4.

So why would someone who runs in traditional running shoes consider PureCadence or Pure Connect?

Our PureProject runner enjoys feeling the ground under their feet, being more connected with their body, and tuning into every step. It’s definitely the kind of shoe that deepens your connection with your biomechanics and the ground beneath you. Both PureCadence and PureConnect are designed to disappear so that you can focus on the run. It’s truly a different ride, altogether.

Gotcha. So let’s say we’re a runner testing out a lightweight shoe for the first time. What should we look for when we are trying on the shoes?

You’ll want to ask yourself: Does the shoe move with my foot?  Will it give me a true connection to the ground? Does it feel like I am wearing nothing on my foot?  Does it feel soft? And (of course) is it super light? Both PureConnect and PureCadence are two to three ounces lighter than the more traditional shoes, so it’s quite a liberating experience.  I run in the PureConnect.  I love how it feels like an extension of my foot, but with enough cushioning to hold up during higher miles.

One last question: what’s your favorite runner joke?

What happens when you run in front of a car? You get TIRED! Ok, that’s pretty terrible.

Thanks Carson!

Runners! You can shop the latest PureCadence 4 and PureConnect 4 on  PureFlow runners: we didn’t forget about you! Stay tuned, PureFlow 4 arrives in February 2015.


Brooks PureCadence 4



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  1. Kate Daniels

    Where are the fun colors for the Cadence? Only two options…”the Librarian” or “the toddler”…I’ll continue to rotate my Pure Cadence 1’s until the party of fun colors arrives. Hot pink or electric blue are always WINNERS!!

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