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Guest Blog: Treadmill Workouts Are the New Group Fitness Trend

When it comes to running, I am in it for the long run – pun intended. Getting in my weekly double digit run is easy, and I’m crazy about cross training too, however when it comes to running in atrocious weather or especially for my tempo training runs – that’s a different story. I don’t know what it is, but something about pushing myself without someone telling me to is hard to commit to on a regular basis. That was until I discovered today’s newest group fitness trend – treadmill workouts. As a group fitness instructor who also runs, this new addition to the group fitness family is a match made in FitGirl heaven. If you are itching to try this new popular trend or just want to change up your running routine, read this first.

Runners Are Uniting Nationwide

group treadmill classes, treadmill classes in gyms, group treadmill studio classes, treadmill classes in gyms While most runners only hop on a treadmill when the weather requires us to, many boutique studios like Barry’s Bootcamp have reincarnated the dread-mill by incorporating them into the group fitness experience to spice up an activity most runners thought was solitary. The trend is certainly on the rise and even larger fitness facilities such as Equinox have joined in on the fun. With the launch of their signature treadmill class, Precision Running (designed by popular trainer David Siik), you can find many group fitness fanatics getting their runner’s high on the gym floor with this interval-based HIIT class nationwide.


High Five to Mile High Run Club

However, here in New York City many of us are getting our group treadmill run in at Mile High Run Club. As the first studio dedicated to group running classes, this Mile High is already creating tons of buzz since its November 1st opening. The studio houses 30 Woodway treadmills in one large space and offers two different types of classes. One features 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill followed by ten minutes of runner specific strength training exercises, and the other is a 60 minute continuous interval bases running experience.

Coach Scott Jurek Says

group treadmill classes, treadmill classes in gyms, group treadmill studio classes, treadmill classes in gyms

Brooks Ultra Runner Scott Jurek and I had a blast catching up at Mile High Run Club.

So clearly I had to give this studio a try. My first Mile High Run Club “RAD Experience” was in fact such a treat that I’m still pinching myself almost two weeks later. Not only did I love the electric energy that surges through this type of class, I also had a shockingly fun tempo run under the guidance of world renowned ultra runner and Brooks athlete Scott Jurek.

His humble presence and motivational coaching made tempo running beyond enjoyable and his ability to seamlessly bind the common thread of “being a runner” (despite skill level) was my favorite part. In fact, this quality is the overall mission of Mile High Run Club – to bring us all together as runners. And because I witnessed this for myself, I know that when casual and competitive runners hop on treadmills in the same room, the connection is truly sensational.

Overall, I felt like I was able to push myself in the treadmill class in a way that felt both manageable and safe – which is always my fear when tempo running. However, Jurek’s cues on form and cadence were beyond phenomenal, so now I approach interval based runs with much more confidence. I’ll never run the same and have a strong feeling that there will be many more Mile High runs in my future.


Enhancing the Running Community One Mile at A Time

Or maybe I’ll just drop in for a little runner’s inspiration. The motivation behind Mile High Founder Debora Warner’s decision to open the doors was to take her outdoor running coaching experience and make it an all-inclusive indoor experience for many, all at the same time. When training outside it is easy to be left behind or to go by yourself – however a running club that trains indoors automatically eliminates this potentially divisive component. Which is amazing, since I remember the feeling I had the day I ran my first mile without stopping many moons ago. I felt like I could conquer the world and therefore kept coming back for more. The addictive feeling of success is what we all know to be one of the many hidden gems locked inside running. So simply knowing that many more people will experience this feeling with a big group of runners makes me so happy – looking forward to a world full of strong runners!



Robbie-HeadshotRobbie Ann Darby is a fearless and determined “Texas born/California raised” actress and dancer turned fitness expert. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, she has had the opportunity to teach and train all over the Southwest and Northeast. 5 years ago she moved to New York City and has been living her dream of changing lives one RAD Experience at a time.  Her work can be seen on a local and national level as she is the one and only fitness writer for

This trend is certainly here to stay – people will never stop running!

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