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National Running Safety Month

November is National Running Safety Month. We are big fans of running year-round. But with shorter days, what you are wearing on those runs is just as important as the path you choose. So let’s talk about being safe and being seen on your run. We have our Nightlife Line of apparel and shoes so runners can be recognized as just that – runners. It’s all about being recognized as a human.

We sat down with our own Bennett Grimes on the Brooks apparel team to talk apparel, safety and candle light dinners. Okay, maybe not candle light dinners but we did talk about candlepower.

Candlepower sounds like a super hero trait.

Candlepower is how we measure the reflectivity on our apparel and footwear. It’s a measure of radiance reflected back to the light source. So, one piece of our apparel puts out the amount of light of 39.77 candles. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but since very little light is scattered when the light is returned, our retroreflective materials appear brightest to an observer located near the original light source, such as behind the wheel of a car.

How do we help runners be recognized?

First, our apparel comes in fluorescent yellow, pink and orange. We only use colors that have been tested and meet our standard for fluorescence. Then, we place reflectivity at key motion zones. And we contrast bright and darker colors so you see shape, not just color. A great example of this is when you pair the Nightlife LS and the Utopia Thermal Tight II.

Okay, go ahead and get geeky on us about what’s new this season.

We are really excited about the Nightlife LS (Long Sleeve). It has bonded reflective shoulders, ruching at the back and it’s made with a super soft, four-way stretch fabric. My wife thinks it’s heaven.

Okay, Mr. Newlywed, glad your wife is happy, but what’s good for men?

I like the Infiniti Jacket as an outer layer. It has two and half layers of water stretch fabric. It’s great for running in the rain, which if you live in Seattle, you know about running in the rain.

Nightlife, Running Safety, Reflectivity

A perfect pullover: the Nightlife LS.

What keeps you Running Happy during these short days?

I’m an Essential Half Zip kind of guy.

Orange or Yellow?


Let’s get back to National Running Safety Month. What do you do differently in the fall/winter compared to the rest of the year?

Accessories are really important. I wear a Nightlife hat. I also pay very close attention to make sure a car sees me; I don’t take chances. And I’ll choose a route that has more lighting.

Thank you, Bennett, for taking the time to talk to us. Runners, please be safe out there. And please be seen. But most importantly (in our minds), be recognized!


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