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Our Global Headquarters in Seattle is Up and Running!

Hello, world!

When we set out three years ago to find a space that could accommodate our growing family of Brooks employees, we knew it would have to be a place that would inspire our teams to continue doing what they do best: providing superior customer service, delivering groundbreaking products and developing a deeper connection with runners. Today, our shiny new home is buzzing with the energetic culture necessary to fuel our continued growth, product innovations, and serve as a Trailhead for a worldwide community of runners.


Welcome to Brooks Running!

Running at a sustainable pace

We also knew we had to find a place that represented who we are as a company. Sustainable building practices and protection of the places where we love to run are extremely important to Brooks. We are excited to partner with Skanska to push green design and development standards to the next level in Seattle, while planting a flag for our global presence. Our new headquarters is the first of a new generation of highly sustainable buildings in the Pacific Northwest and represents who we are and what we value on a global scale.

Stretching our legs… and our goals!

How can a building benefit the environment, local community and employees? Our building has a number of really cool features that make it easier for everyone to make sustainable choices day to day. Here are just a few:

Water: One way our building conserves water is through re-use. Water from sinks, showers, storm drains and planting beds are stored in a cistern and repurposed for on-site irrigation.

Brooks, office, stone way, headquarters, green, LEED

Our rooftop garden supports the building’s cooling system.

Energy: Our building reduces demand on the energy grid with architectural design elements like high ceilings to maximize daylight exposure. A high-efficiency air-conditioning system achieves low energy consumption by self-adjusting to external temperature changes and internal occupancy levels.

Like training for a race, performance cannot be improved if it’s not measurable. Our building takes performance-management to the next level with mobile dashboards throughout the building that display energy and water consumption in real-time.

Brooks Running, Customer Service

It’s always sunny in Customer Service!

Community: Brooks HQ is located at the intersection of the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods, just off of Seattle’s favorite foot-powered express lane–the Burke-Gilman trail–where thousands of active people run, bike and walk by our building every day!

running, brooks, trail, burke gilman, burke-gilman, stone way

We’re located at the intersection of the Burke-Gilman and Stone Way in Seattle, WA.

Employees: Because of its proximity to downtown and popular urban neighborhoods, our new building also encourages employees to use active and public transportation. With plug-in stations for electric vehicles and a bike locker for our employees, commuting green is not only encouraged, it is so convenient! Throughout the workday, while shuffling between meetings and heading out for an afternoon run, we prefer to skip the elevator and take our centerpiece glass-enclosed stairway. It saves energy and it’s a great way to catch up with our friends and co-workers.

Brooks, office, stone way, headquarters, green, LEED

Beautiful day for a fun run!

Art with purpose: In the main entryway, a piece of living art connects to the building’s power grid and explores the connection between energy consumption and the natural world. It’s programmed to slowly change the position of the flowers every 10–15 minutes. When our building’s energy use is high, the flowers will wilt. When energy use minimums are met, they’ll blossom.

Brooks, office, stone way, headquarters, green, LEED, Casey Curran

These kinetic flowers bloom when the building is running efficiently and wilt when it is not.

We’re pushing the limits on performance and overall success for us includes sustainability. From energy, water, community and employee culture — sustainability was a filter used on every decision made when planning our new building. We are very excited about our new headquarters and for what’s to come from our journey to this space – both as a company and for the global running community.

Want to learn more? Here are some great resources about the development of our building:




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  1. TrailTanguero

    Congrats, terrific building! How about finding a way to manufacture products in a more sustable fashion? Rather than all made in China, bring manufacturing home, create jobs here and save fuel for transportation.

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