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Brooks Trailhead: Your Run Starts Here

Welcome to the Trailhead!

We’re officially unveiling a new Seattle trailhead– the Brooks Trailhead – which also happens to be our first retail store and conveniently located on the ground floor of our new global headquarters. But, this isn’t just any trailhead; Brooks Trailhead is much more than a store – it’s a place to gather with friends, start your workouts, and celebrate a good run. This is a home for the running community.


Experience Brooks

Just like our products, we developed the Trailhead using a mixture of art and science. We started by researching what makes runners tick and the things they look for in a local trailhead. We then added art into the mix – creating an interactive and engaging space that is a reflection of Brooks and a place the community wants to spend their time. From exploring our open concept retail displays to sparking a conversation with knowledgeable and runner-friendly staff, the Trailhead is where you can experience what’s fresh and new while taking a deeper dive into the product you already know and love.


 Gear up

Chapped lips? Barking blister?  Stop by our Runners’ Aid Station to primp and prime yourself for the miles ahead. We have everything you need to ensure nothing will get in between you and your mileage goal!


Run Happy starts at the Trailhead

There’s always something fresh and fun to experience at Brooks Trailhead…


Come say hi!

The Brooks Trailhead

3400 Stone Way N

Seattle, WA 98103


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  1. Jesica D'Avanza

    So, so awesome! I can’t wait to come to Seattle and visit! Congrats on being open for business in the new digs! xo

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