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Traveling for a race? 5 Tips from Brooks Beast Angela Bizzarri

Can you imagine traveling nearly every other week to race? Brooks Beasts athletes travel all over the world for dozens of races, year after year. Through this, middle distance track runner Angela Bizzarri has certainly learned how to keep her Run Happy going strong, while on the road.

Whether you’re an elite runner or you’re traveling for your first marathon, here’s what Angela recommends for traveling runners of all abilities:


1. Run off the plane

When you reach your destination, go for a short little run. Your legs will feel so much better after having been on a plane.


2. Wear compression

I usually wear compression socks on flights. It makes me feel a little bit better when I land.



3. Eat what you know

When I’m traveling, I go to chain restaurants where I know what they serve. In the morning, I get my oatmeal at Starbucks. They have the same oatmeal everywhere, and I feel pretty comfortable with that. The night before a race, I like to eat rice and beans and chicken. I’ll go to Qudoba and get a normal bowl without any salsa or cheese.


Photo: mackeykb

4. Drink more water

I usually travel with a water bottle to prevent getting dehydrated from the flight. Another tip: be careful with flip water bottles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled it on the person next to me!


5. Relax your mind

I can be really frantic when I’m traveling. To stay calm and relaxed, I do things that feel normal. I’ll download podcasts that I’ll listen to when I’m going through the airport. It’s a nice way to separate yourself from all the chaos in the airport.




About Angela Bizzarri
Brooks Beasts TC middle distance runner. 2009 NCAA Individual Cross Country Champion. Loves to take selfies while running.

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