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Don Your Hats, Lace Your Shoes, Sing Your Pump-Up Jams: It’s National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day, runners! It’s one of our favorite days of the year so let’s take a moment to reflect, celebrate and run.

Run alone, run with a coworker, run in a group, run with your dog, it doesn’t matter. Today is all about joining the running community to celebrate the passion we all have for the run. We’ve been sharing our National Running Day traditions all week online to get ready for today, the most celebrated of running holidays.

While you’re running today, join Brooks and runners across the country on the run and show us what your run looks like. Post your running selfie on social media with the #runselfie tag. We can’t wait to see that beautiful face of yours!

Just check out our employee #RunSelfie!

Just check out our employee #RunSelfie!


Run Happy knowing that you’re not alone. There’s a whole country (and a world) full of runners just like you, and some are running at this very moment. We surveyed a few of them as we conducted our second Run Happy Nation Report (see the first here) to get a snapshot of the runner mindset. What we found? A majority feel that running increases a person’s sex appeal, that it’s good for clearing the head and getting good ideas churning and that runners head out the door at all times of the day.

Check out some highlights from this year’s results:

Runners are getting hot and sweaty, on and off the road:

• The couple that runs together stays together. An overwhelming majority (71%) of guys and gals believe running together as a couple plays a part in their sex life, for better or for worse. Surprise, surprise – more men (75%) than women (68%) bragged that logging miles together as a couple, increased their mileage between the sheets.
• Performance on the road trumps performance between the sheets according to 57% of respondents. Ladies more so than their male counterparts (63% vs. 37%) admit to being more confident while pounding the pavement. 

Sure, running keeps you fit, but the other reasons for jogging run the gamut:

• Are you city or country? According to the survey, where you run may impact your idea-generation. City dwellers reported more run-fueled thoughts than rural residents (88% vs. 79%).The fresh air is also key with more respondents reporting their ideas came to them in the great outdoors (85%) vs. inside (76%). 
• Just need to clear your head? More than half of respondents (56%) run to clear out the cobwebs and hit refresh.
• Rain or shine, getting out of the house ranks high as a motivator for 45% of female respondents, compared to 37% of males.

Tapping into technology on the running path is a must for most:

• Always connected? An overwhelming majority (78%) of respondents consider technology a running staple. That number rockets to 92% among the younger generation (18-24). 
• Smartphones lead the pack as the must-have piece of running technology for 41%, with iPod (36%) and stopwatch (19%) closely following.
• Asked to pick a top tune to play on repeat for all 26.2 miles of their marathon, 59% chose the classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

Runners have strong opinions about when, where, and with whom they run: 

• When? Early risers lead the bunch with 42% preferring to run before the sun rises. Scattered Sprinters – those who run whenever they have the time – follow with 29%, trailed by Lunchtime Lungers (16%) and Night Owls (12%).
• Where? Open trails and scenic views are calling. Forty two percent have, at least once, picked a vacation for its bevvy of running options. 
• Who? Partnering up is preferable, with 59% saying a jog with a buddy makes it easier to stay on track.

See more here

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, snap that selfie and #RunHappyHoliday!

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