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Run Happy = Earth Happy

Here at Brooks we’d like everyone to celebrate Earth just as if it were your favorite playground. Run around! Cut loose! Make new friends! Go on adventures! But remember to obey the rules of the park: play nice and pick up after yourself. You know, make sure the playground can be enjoyed by everyone today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

To that end, while we’re on a mission to inspire everyone to run and be active, we’re also doing our part to take care of the Earth–our playground–each and every day.  We’re doing things like engineering biodegradable midsole materials, creating a size-proportional shoebox that reduces waste, and breaking ground on our brand new headquarters at Stone34 — one of the most efficient commercial office buildings in the country. More information about these initiatives (and more!) can be found in our bi-annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

So today, for Earth Day, we’d like to invite you to help us continue our mission while helping the planet. Here’s how:

 Donate to “Soles 4 Souls”

Brooks partners with Soles4Souls to collect old shoes and find new homes for them. Soles4Souls is an international non-profit organization that partners with individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners to collect and distribute shoes and clothes. Soles4Souls serves  people in need in over 125 countries with direct donations and by provisioning qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities. At Brooks, Soles4Souls donation boxes are setup at our distribution center to collect and donate non-marketable shoes and clothing items.

how to recylce running shoes, where to get rid of old running shoes, ways to recycle brooks running shoes, shoe companies celebrating earth day
Hundreds of shoes sit ready for donation next to the Soles4Souls car.

Want to get involved? Encourage your friends and coworkers to donate their used shoes at a local Soles4Souls drop-off near you. Find locations and learn more by visiting soles4souls.org.

Re-purpose your puddle stompers:

You know the old saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? An attitude of resourcefulness and a little creativity can certainly go a long way. Try this: impress your friends by re-purposing your old running shoes. You can show off the many miles you ran, and the beautiful spring flowers you grew in your garden! (TIP: these might look better on your front porch, than on a linen tablecloth)

how to recylce running shoes, where to get rid of old running shoes, ways to recycle brooks running shoes, shoe companies celebrating earth day
Pretty and functional, right?

Don’t delay, donate today!

Many running stores around the country will gladly recycle your used running shoes. Take a look at the list below for a sampling of stores who have communicated with us their commitment to helping reduce waste in landfills by donating retired shoes.

Don’t see your favorite store listed? Contact your local running store directly.

Get a little more distance out of your old running shoes by donating them or finding a fun way to repurpose those bad boys into something new.  Be sure to tell us how you make strides toward environmental responsibility. We love hearing from you!

  1. Bain

    Thank for sponsoring the shoe recycling at the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon in 2013. I was sad to see my Pure Cadence go, but frankly I had beaten the snot out of them and my feet just needed a fresh, new pair. It felt good to know they could help protect someone else’s feet (and still look pretty good–they just needed a bath!) even if they were no longer helping me Run Happy 🙂

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