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Run Happy in Your Next Race with Racevine

Running is what you do. It’s who you are and it’s how you spend your time and nothing says that more than a race. Whether it’s a fun run, a mud race or a marathon, the right race helps you reach your goals and says, “Hey. Good job today!”

But with dozens of options, busy calendars and fluctuating running schedules, finding the right race can sometimes be the most challenging part of your training plan.

That’s why we’re excited about Racevine– a new service that lets you browse through all the races in your area so you can pick the right one to run.

Racevine and Brooks Running are partnering to bring you amazing giveaways and training content so you can Run Happy before, during and after whichever race you run.

Visit Racevine.com to find and sign up for your next race and for information on some great giveaways.

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I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.

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