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PureProject Apparel: For Wherever the Run Takes You

Simple. Purposeful. Streetwise and stylish. PureProject apparel launches this week around the country, so get ready to Run Happy! Quiet details, clean lines and smart fabrics help you dress for the journey, wherever it takes you.

The collection features shorts, shirts and jackets for women and men. The ladies also get a seamless bra and a capri while the men get versatile running pants.


Shop now here and experience PureProject for yourself.

You can also join fellow runners for a PureProject Apparel launch party happening this month. Find one near you to party and run on!

Fleet Feet Cleveland/Pepperpike OH 1/16/2014
Fleet Feet Old Town Chicago IL 1/16/2014
Fleet Feet Tulsa OK 1/16/2014
Philly Runner PA 1/16/2014
Red Coyote OK 1/17/2014
Runners Roost Denver CO 1/18/2014
Gazelle Sports  MI 1/18/2014
Fleet Feet Carrboro NC 1/21/2014
Fleet Feet Nashville TN 1/21/2014
Runners Edge MT 1/22/2014
CRC – Pickerington OH 1/23/2014
Jack and Jane Sports SC 1/23/2014
Runners Roost Lakewood CO 1/23/2014
TRE – Willamette or Libertyville IL 1/23/2014
West Stride GA 1/23/2014
Fleet Feet Raleigh NC 1/23/2014
Fleet Feet Pittsburgh PA 1/24/2014
Striders Running UT 1/25/2014
Run Today IL 1/25/2014
Frontrunner OH 1/26/2014
Redrock Running – District Location NV 1/27/2014
Second Sole – Youngstown/Ohio OH 1/27/2014
FF Memphis TN 1/28/2014
FF Severna Park MD 1/28/2014
Redrock Running – Cheyenne NV 1/29/2014
Big River Running MO 1/30/2014
Running Excels IL 1/30/2014
Second Sole – Lyndhurst OH 1/30/2014
Sole Sports Running Zone – Tempe AZ 1/30/2014
Fleet Feet Rochester NY 1/31/2014
Lukes Locker – Austin TX 2/6/2014
Fleet Feet  Tucson AZ 2/6/2014
Hansons – Royal Oak MI 2/6/2014
Fleet Feet Menlo Park CA 2/7/2014
Running Central IL 2/10/2014
Fleet Feet Huntsville AL 2/11/2014
Running Center – Carlsbad CA 2/11/2014
Runners Soul IL 2/12/2014
Fleet Feet Burlington VT 2/12/2014
Fir 2 Run – Florida Mall – Orlando FL 2/13/2014
Fleet Feet  Lawrenceville GA 2/13/2014
Greater Boston Co MA 2/13/2014
Maine Running Co ME 2/13/2014
New York Running CO NY 2/13/2014
Run On Frisco TX 2/13/2014
Running Fit Ann Arbor MI 2/13/2014
Hansons – Utica MI 2/15/2014
Running Center – Temecula CA 2/18/2014
Running Wild FL 2/18/2014
Fleet Feet  Johns Creek GA 2/20/2014
Fleet Feet Columbus OH 2/20/2014
City Sports – Boston MA 2/20/2014
City Sports – NYC NY 2/20/2014
Fleet Feet Cincinnati OH 2/21/2014
Running Fit  – Northville MI 2/23/2014
Fleet Feet Sandy Springs GA 2/27/2014
Fit Right NW OR 2/27/2014
Naperville Running IL 3/1/2014
R N J Sports MD 3/4/2014
Jackrabbit Sports NY 3/5/2014
Playmakers MI 3/9/2014

Learn more about PureProject Apparel here.

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