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Brooks Welcomes Olympian Nick Symmonds to the Brooks Beasts Track Club

I am very excited to share news that Nick Symmonds has joined the Brooks Beasts Track Club!

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I have known Nick personally for seven years and appreciate how he has grown as an athlete and as a person both on and off the track. I initially wanted Nick to join the Brooks Beasts because he is a perfect fit to our unique team atmosphere. As an athlete, Nick focuses on competing to be the best in the world and as the sport grows, he focuses on being an ambassador – it’s a terrific balance. Nick is tough, fun, transparent, dynamic, confident and humble; “Run Happy” describes him perfectly.  I love how he has a vested interest in all levels of running. From the first 5k’er trying to live a healthy lifestyle, to a professional trying to win a medal, he roots them all on. His dedication to running shows as he wants to be a captain to his new teammates and accepts that role with open arms.

When I took this head coach position, my mission with the Beasts was to create a tight-knit team community that has the motivation to be the best in the world.  Now, each one of the Beasts is ranked in the Top-10 in the U.S. in their respective event. Positive motivation leads to success and if you hang around Nick for five minutes, you cannot help but sense that vibe radiating from him. Nick brings in years of proven experience to help with this mission. He has made five U.S. Teams, winning a silver medal at the most recent World Championships, and I know he has the ability to achieve much more on the track.  He has high goals for himself – as do all of the Beasts – and Brooks, Seattle and our partners create a motivational environment that will help Nick and his teammates reach their goals.

  1. Andrea

    *uck yeah, Nick. I admire you standing for what you believe in, and I agree with your position regarding athlete sponsorship. As well, Brooks is a great running company.—Andrea “Rat” Ratkovic, 2:34:20 marathoner back in the day…

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