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4 Ways to Sneak Your Run in Over the Holidays

Plan a few miles with a friend over the holidays and make sure to squeeze your run in!

Holidays can be hectic for runners.

It’s cold outside.

You have family in town you haven’t seen in a long time

There’s good food all over the house.

There are movie marathons on every TV channel!

But, regardless of what’s keeping you from running, there are always ways of squeezing in a few miles over the holidays.

1. Go early!

Get ‘er done! Running early leaves you the entire day to spend with family and friends watching those TV marathons. It also gives you the whole day to graze on the best food you’ll have until 2014. Snack up, you’ve earned it!

2. Bring a buddy

Set a time to meet someone for a run, or ask a family member to run with you. It’s harder to say no when someone else is counting on you to get out the door, too.

3. Do your chores

Last minute gift wrapping keeping you from your run? Maybe that appetizer you’re supposed to bring to dinner? Or maybe cleaning the house before guests arrive? Get those things done ahead of time so you have time for you, yourself and your running shoes.

4. Know your schedule

Study your holiday schedule- this is serious business, guys! If you know you’ll only have an hour between a holiday party at your BFF’s house and dinner with the family, plan ahead and bring your gear. A couple miles will feel good and you’ll eat and celebrate happily knowing you got your run in for the day.


What tips do you have for getting your run in during the holidays? Share them below!

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