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5 Pro Tips for Training for Your First Half Marathon

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Your first half marathon is something to celebrate- and it’s also something to train and prepare for.

Brooks’ My First Half winner Jerry is training hard for his first half marathon at Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas with a little help from Brooks professional runner Angela Bizzarri.

Check out some great training advice from Angela from her run with Jerry in the video, and see her top five training tips below.

1. Find a friend or training group. It gives you accountability and makes training a lot of fun. Rather than chat with a friend at a restaurant, suggest going for a jog to talk.

2. Set a goal. No matter if it is to finish the race or break the course record, having a goal will help to determine your training.

3. Designated some days as hard efforts. Designated some days as hard efforts when you run at least your goal pace or faster.  On other days, make sure to take it easy. Try to find someone who runs a bit faster than you for your hard days and someone who runs yourpace for your easy days.

4. Check out a local running specialty store to get shoes that fit properly. They usually have knowledgeable staff that will guide you to the right shoe. The right shoes will help to keep injuries at bay.

5. On race day, try to stay calm and stick to your goal pace. Don’t let the excitement of the day get you starting out too fast. If you wind up having a better day than expected, save it for the last half of the race.

Thanks, Angela!

What piece of advice helped you prepare for your first half marathon?


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