Apr | 4
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5 Reasons to Love the Treadmill

Getting outside is one of the best things about running, but sometimes you just can’t. Weather, childcare issues, timing…lots of things outside your control can force your run inside. For me, that’s not all bad. Here are a few reasons I’m a fan of treadmill running.

1. Indulge Your Inner Child

As kids, we run everywhere we go pretty much as soon as we can stand. Another instant favorite for all kids, of course, is pushing buttons. With the treadmill, I can do both things at the same time!!! How cool is that?

2. Be a Control Freak

All those buttons make the treadmill great for interval training. There’s no guesswork or cheating about pace or incline when you’re controlling it down to a tenth of a mile per hour.

3. A Kinder, Gentler Potty Break

Running can jumble things up and there isn’t always a gas station nearby. Not a problem when you’re on a treadmill.

4. Run by Numbers

I know that calorie counter isn’t super accurate, but I’m motivated by those numbers. I’ll run an extra mile just so I can hit a round number of calories burned – which then makes the mileage uneven so I run a little more.

5. Watch TV

My longest treadmill run was 15 miles thanks to my DVR and a backlog of The Biggest Loser. Another woman in our office looks forward to her 3 o’clock run in the Brooks gym because that’s when Ellen is on. Yup, we like TV and it gets us running and that’s just fine.

Do you like the treadmill or dread it? Let us know in the comments!

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