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Brooks Stays Fit at Work, and You Can, Too!

anne reeve at sxsw, brooks at sxsw 2013, brooks running at sxsw, brooks morning runs sxsw

We took the 2013 Brooks All-Employee Photo after doing a team relay run to Gas Works Park in Seattle.

At Brooks, we know that fitness and a healthy work-life balance improve employee engagement and in turn, lead to increased productivity, effectiveness and creativity!

anne reeve at sxsw, brooks at sxsw 2013, brooks running at sxsw, brooks morning runs sxsw

Brooks’ SVP of Global Talent Management Anne Reeve presented “Workplace Fitness Flexes the Mind” at South by Southwest Interactive.

In fact, our company believes in those values so much that we shared them at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive in a presentation called “Workplace Fitness Flexes the Mind.”

Our brand ethos is rooted in the idea of Run Happy and the idea that running is a lifetime sport. We believe in creating experiences that will help runners find inspiration in our sport and we’ll be a trusted partner along the way.

At Brooks, we think of employee engagement as a competitive advantage – a form of relational and social capital. Engagement leads to greater commitment and productivity.

That’s why our company creates the conditions for our employees to feel invigorated, confident, challenged and connected at work. We attribute our low attrition rate in part to our focus on balance, fitness and fun!

anne reeve at sxsw, brooks at sxsw 2013, brooks running at sxsw, brooks morning runs sxsw

Everyone loves a Friday Toga Run!

How do we do it? Our leadership team, like our employees, stays active. We believe in modeling the way to balance work and other activities in life, so we sponsor active lifestyle programs like:

  • Fitness classes (Zumba, Yoga and Cross-Fit)
  • Friday afternoon themed runs
  • Race entry and gym membership funding
  • Passport Program (employees can track miles for prizes and an end of year celebration dinner with our CEO)
  • Commitment to flexible work opportunities
  • Onsite chef

Our employees have taken it forward with their own ideas:

  • Peer-to-peer race coaching
  • Road-testing new products
  • High school coach program
  • Run B’cause chartibale giving
  • Race sponsorships as part of our corporate giving efforts
  • Company sponsored team events (Ragnar and Hood to Coast)

We believe in living our brand from the inside out! In what ways do you stay active at work?

About Anne
Anne Reeve is the Senior Vice President of Global Talent Management at Brooks where she leads the human resources function for Brooks Sports employees worldwide. She’s held various strategic communications, talent management, leadership development, organizational development and executive coaching positions.
  • Jesica @rUnladylike

    I absolutely ADORE your company philosophy on healthy living and finding ways to incorporate healthy behaviors and fitness into the work day. I wish every company would adopt this approach. I especially love that your leadership team believes in “modeling the way to balance work and other activities in life” by sponsoring active lifestyle programs and walking the walk. LOve!

  • Connie

    Brooks shoes and company are totally awesome. Thanks for helping to become a healthier more confident person. Never thought I could run anywhere, my GTS 12’s and your commitment to making the best shoes ever have certainly changed my mind about my ability to do a lot of things. Thanks again!