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Boom! 6 Meet Records Smashed and 9 Nation-Leading Times Set at 2013 Brooks PR Invite

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Some of the BrooksPR Boys take a group photo before they head to the Dempsey on race day.


Sunday, under spotlights at the Dempsey Indoor Track at the University of Washington, the nation’s fastest high school athletes participated in the Brooks PR Invitational. Nine-out-of-twelve events saw U.S. high school no. 1 times for the season and six of the events saw new PR Invitational records.

Highlights from Sunday’s meet include:

  • Erin Finn almost broke the 10 minute barrier in the 2-mile race, finishing in first place with a time of 10:08.24, establishing a meet record and taking the U.S. high school No. 2 place for 2013.
  • brooks pr invitational results, winners of 2013 brooks pr invite, pr invite results, who won the brooks pr invite

    Aaron Malett (right) wins Boys 60M Hurdles in nation-leading 7.80 seconds.

    Cameron Burrell won the boys’ 60M with a speedy time of 6.61, creating a new PR Invitational meet record and claiming the No. 1 U.S. high school spot for 2013 and No. 2 all-time high school record.

  • Hannah Meier, who won the mile race last year and still holds the PR Invitational meet record in that event, won the girls’ 800M and the U.S. high school No. 1 for 2013 with a time of 2:07.45.
  • Tyler Smith again won first place in the boy’s 800M, setting a new meet record at 1:50.89 and beating his own PR from 2012.
  • The first three places all broke the existing meet record in the boys’ 2 mile event with Bernie Montoya taking the win with a time of 8:54.63.
  • Trevor Gilley, who placed last in the boys’ mile in 2012, won the event and broke the 2013 U.S. high school record with a time of 4:08.24.
  • Sasha Wallace won the girls’ 60m Hurdles, claiming the U.S. No. 1 spot for 2013 and the No. 2 all-time spot with a time of 8.18. Second place and the previous meet record holder Dior Hall was close behind, coming in at 8.21.
  • Six new PR Invitational meet records were set:
B 60m Cameron Burrell – 6.61
B 800m Tyler Smith – 1:50.89
B 2-Mile Bernie Montoya – 8:54.63
G 60mH Sasha Wallace – 8.18
G 800m Hannah Meier – 2:07.45
G 2-Mile Erin Finn – 10:08.24

Our two student reporters, Nate Marti and Meghan Lockett, covered the meet for us, putting together photos, Tweets and a live-broadcast on the boys and girls two-mile race for Flotrack. Here are their thoughts on the meet and the PR Invite weekend.

Meghan Lockett

brooks pr invitational results, winners of 2013 brooks pr invite, pr invite results, who won the brooks pr inviteThe Brooks PR Invite certainly lived up to its name this past weekend!  With Erin Finn smashing the 2 mile meet record, a photo-finish boy’s 2 mile race, and Cameron Burrell’s 60m upset, it was definitely a very memorable day! However, I think my favorite moment was watching the athletes when they weren’t racing.  You could just see the focus and adrenaline pouring out of the nation’s best high school runners as they warmed up and toed the line.  I don’t think I saw any athlete without a smile on their face when they finished their race.  The excitement the runners had, not just for themselves, but for their competitors, was such a positive thing to observe!  It was awesome to see the best runners in the nation laughing, supporting, congratulating, and cheering for each other.  It is so rare for high schoolers to race in such stacked events.  To watch these athletes give it their all, and then to still have the camaraderie with their competitors, demonstrates that this meet is a very meaningful experience.  The Brooks PR Invite couldn’t have been a better event for the sport of track and field, from both an athlete and spectator perspective.

See the Girls’ 2-mile race and Meghan’s commentary here.

Nate Marti

brooks pr invitational results, winners of 2013 brooks pr invite, pr invite results, who won the brooks pr inviteIn a Brooks PR Invitational weekend chockablock with incredible experiences, emphasizing one standout moment above the rest is about as easy as flying out of Chicago O’Hare in a blizzard. However, if pressed to pick a favorite among favorites, I’d have to give the nod to Bernie Montoya’s win over Jacob Thomson in the Boys 2-mile run. An electric Dempsey atmosphere, barnburner racing, record-shattering results and the opportunity to witness it all from the Flotrack booth provided a certain climactic quality to the event, and that shining moment of Brooks PR epicness is one I won’t soon forget.

Having now managed to single out a single great experience, I’ll end by saying that what gave true value to the events of Brooks PR was the people. The friendships I formed in a few days with the athletes made it difficult to leave. More than anything, the genuineness, competency and warmth exhibited by every member of the Brooks team gave the weekend a distinctly familial vibe, uniting us all around the joy of running, running fast and running happy.

See the Boys’ 2-mile race and Nate’s commentary here.


Thank you and congratulations to all of our PR Invite runners and to everyone who came to the meet, watched at home and followed online. Let us know what your favorite race was in the comments.

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