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New Colors and Styles: Which PureProject Shoe Is Right for You?

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If you’re running in the T7 Racer, Racer ST5, or looking for something to pair with a racing flat, the PureConnect 2 is for you.

Having trouble figuring out which PureProject shoe is right for you? We developed the PureProject line to pair perfectly with your traditional running shoe. Watch the video below to find out which PureProject shoe is right for based off of what Brooks shoe you currently run in. If you’re not already running in Brooks, try our shoe advisor to find your shoe.

Whether you’re on the trails or the road, looking for stability or something ultra lightweight for fast workouts, we have a PureProject shoe that’s right for you. Find them all at brooksrunning.com

Which PureProject shoe are you running in? Let us know in the comments.

About Derek
I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.
  1. Hope Childress

    I absolutely love my Pure Flows. But I must ask. Why do woman’s shoes have to be pink? I am NOT a fan of pink. Imagine my horror when I went to buy a new pair of kicks and they were bright pink. Why can’t they be orange or something??

  2. Elisa

    Pure Flow. BEST SHOES EVER and I’ve tried almost every brand including the illustrious (but for me injury inducing, Newtons). I am glad the Pure Flows have some usual colors like black and white. I don’t know what’s behind this crazy color explosion in shoes. Particularly women’s shoes. I don’t need day-glo colors. I especially don’t want bright pink. A little color is fine but my shoes really don’t need to be seen from space, just sayin’

  3. Martin

    Good to hear which PureProject shoe would be suitable, especially as I enjoyed the ST4 and now the ST5 running experience. Will the traditional product lines continue or will we need to move to the PureProject range? I need a bit more convincing 🙂

  4. Stacy Lynch

    I’m currently running in the Pure Cadence and have been injury-free for a year since I started wearing them – a huge deal for me! Now I’m reading terrible reviews of the PC2, and I’m tempted to hoard all the PC1s I can find. I’m terrified the new version will bring back all the problems I’ve managed to avoid, and I’m particularly worried since I’m about to start training for my first marathon. Also, online I found a color combo called nightlife/knockout pink. First time I saw it was today at Finish Line…was it released outside the US? I’ve worn all the PC1 colors and never saw this one.

    • brooksblog

      @twitter-851109696:disqus Hi Stacy! The PureCadence 2 has the same midsole and outsole as the original PureCadence, the only difference is the improved upper designed for better fit. The Nightlife and Knockout Pink color you saw is an exclusive through Finishline and only sold through them, but they should have many sizes still available.

      • PC1lover

        Finishline seems to be sold out of the Nightlife/Knockout Pink! I even called individual stores! I tried to like the PC2, but the fit is completely different- I am looking myself for PC1!!!! please bring them back

  5. Ryan

    I love my Pure Flows. I’ve been threw a few pairs since they were first released, and my latest pair is holding up well despite the terrain in Afghanistan. My concern now, before I buy new ones is: what changes were made to the second generation? Will there be a difference in fit or feel?

    • brooksblog

      Hi @ed7bb22b2ca3f8c11ab36fa0d3196f80:disqus! We’re happy you love the PureFlows! The PureFlow 2’s feature the exact same outsole and midsole as the originals; the biggest update is to the upper, which has an anatomical wrap that provides a better fit in the midfoot. We think you’ll love the PureFlow 2’s just as much as the originals!

  6. Dr Brunnq

    I absolutely LOVE my T7’s, but they are not kind to my knees and back on long runs. Green Silence was a little better, but the toe box is too big for me. Pure Connect’s heel is even rougher on the joints. Is there a shoe that fits as perfectly as the T7 but has just a little more cushion for us older (but still very competitive) marathoners? Thanks.

  7. tffnyv

    I love my pink Pure Cadence, and super disappointed I can’t get them anymore. They’ve been the most comfortable I’ve worn and loved the pink.

  8. Syd

    I love my pure connects, they’re my favorite running shoes I’ve ever ran in. (And I’ve ran in a number of different brands and styles.) If I’m wanting another pair of pure series shoes that are the most similar but have a little bit more to them, are the pure flows the way to go?

    • brooksblog

      @597744c023553c87c8ba8727a54440d5:disqus Glad you love the PureConnects! And yes, the PureFlow 2 would be the next shoe up as far as adding a little more underfoot. It’s a different running experience compared to the PureConnect, so we recommend getting fitted at a specialty running store.

  9. JakeT

    I can’t find any info that’d help me decide which Brooks Pure shoe would be best for me for running in a full marathon. To help you help me, here’s my background: I haven’t run one in years but only a few half marathons and 15K races. I kind of rushed into my FiveFingers and had to quit running for a couple of months due to muscle fatigue in the calves and hamstrings and knee pain. I just started running 3-5K twice/week in my minimalist Innov-8s. Nevertheless, I will not go back to traditional shoes. I need cushioning but want the feel of the ground I’ve grown to love. Cadence 2, Flow or Drift or what?

  10. samuel

    I am 175lb and 5.6ft. I run about 5miles in alternate days. I have many tried many shoes like skechers Go Ride 2, Asics 1170 Gel and Mizuno ride. Although they are good but yet to find the ideal one for me. Can you recommend to me some suitable Brooks shoes that I have heard and read about it. I do prefer shoe that provide more cushioning. Thanks

  11. Mandy

    I am new to the Pure family and am still experimenting to find the right shoe. I love the run in the Pure Connect2 but the arch is so high and throws off my gait which then causes hip pain. The Pure Cadence3 and Pure Flow3 are both in the running as well. Any suggestions on how I might adapt to the Pure Connect or how I might adjust the arch? Will the arch be somewhat lower in the Pure Connect 3 or beyond? Thanks

    • brooksblog

      Hi Mandy! We love to hear that you are checking out the PureProject line!

      Based on the fit of the Connect it sounds like the Pure Flow might work better for your arch type. We definitely recommend giving it a try at your local running store.
      You can find your nearest dealer with our store locater tool: http://www.brooksrunning.com/e

      Be sure to let us know when you’re off and running in your new shoes.

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