Dec | 14
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5 Tips for Cold Weather Running from Coach Keith Hanson

keith hanson running tips, hansons brooks running tips, winter running tips, cold weather running tipsNobody knows cold weather running like Keith Hanson, founding coach of the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project based in Michigan. Here are his top five tips for running in the cold. Add yours in the comments!

1. Avoid the Treadmill

Get out and enjoy winter. If you wear proper clothing, winter running can be a blast. Many people hibernate, so normally crowded areas become quite peaceful. Snow covered parks and neighborhoods make me feel like all my courses are new. Get out and take advantage of it.

2. Do Not Overdress

It is easy to overdress during the colder winter months. Overdressing can cause you to perspire and actually become colder. Stop by your local running specialty shop and get the best available winter wicking fabrics. The Brooks Equilibrium Thermal shirts or Utopia Thermal tights will not disappoint. All men will need to pick up a few pairs of thermal wind briefs or boxers to avoid an unpleasant winter run.

3. Run With a Group

At Hansons Running Shops, we find our Thursday group runs sometimes get larger on the coldest winter days. I believe some show up thinking that no one would be crazy enough to run on particularly windy, wet, cold winter day. Once they see the other crazy folks the peer pressure kicks in. These are the days that make for the best stories.

4. Wear Something Visible

For those who prefer to run outside and work a traditional work week, your winter runs will be in the dark. Make sure to wear your Brooks Nightlife jacket and a head lamp. Your options for visible winter wear are plentiful, make sure to put these things on your holiday wish list.

5. Find Spots Clear of Ice and Snow

Do your best to find areas that are kept clear of ice and snow. We are fortunate to have a great Metro Park system in the Detroit area that plows and salts paths for winter running. Search for your local area that keeps things clear. College campuses are usually a good option.


What training tips do you have for running in the cold?


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I'm a running, banjo picking, motorcycle riding mom of two boys. I love running for all the reasons: getting out with friends, getting out alone, cruising and relaxing, testing my limits. Most of all, having fun!
  • matt

    Even though spring has arrived, I am from Ohio so that means
    we may have winter weather for another two months. These 5 tips for cold weather
    running are great however, I have to admit I have broken everyone of them.
    Obviously hindsight being 20/20 these suggestions would have made my winter training
    a lot easier.

    I have been on a treadmill all winter but when I do get a nice
    day to get outside and run, I go by myself and I always overdress. But the worst tip that I was an offender of
    is the wear something visible, in the city I run in there are no sidewalks so
    again in hindsight wearing all black was a bad idea.

    So with this cold Ohio weather that will certainly be here
    for the next few months, I will definitely take these tips into consideration
    and improve on my cold weather running.

  • Doug Hall

    Whenever possible, run into the wind during the first part of your run. It’s no fun running an out and back route, turning around at the halfway point to face a 10mph breeze when it’s 20degs. Add to this the chance you’ve worked up even a little sweat and you can get cold pretty quickly.

  • Jacob

    They don’t salt our streets here, so I’ve been running on packed snow and ice. 10 1/2″ sheet metal screws (per shoe) in a worn pair of Cascadia 8s have kept me sure-footed!