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Brooks Athletes

Tweet, Folllow, Like and Love the Brooks Athletes

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More often than not, Brooks athletes are laced up and pounding pavement (and trail), squeezing another mile out of their day’s workout. But between training sessions, races, and the ice bath, they’re connected and digital just like the rest of us.

Get inspired and motivated by these Brooks athletes who are on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook by Following and Liking them.

— Road —


Andrew Carlson

Andrew Carlson on twitter, Andrew Carlson on social media, Andrew Carlson brooks runner, Andrew Carlson race results

Brian Sell

Brian Sell on twitter, Brian Sell on social media, Brian Sell brooks runner, Brian Sell race results

Drew Polley

Drew Polley on twitter, Drew Polley race results, Drew Polley brooks runner, Drew Polleyon social media

Jenny Scherer

Jenny Scherer on twitter, Jenny Scherer on social media, Jenny Scherer brooks runner, Jenny Scherer race results

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Paul Hefferon

Paul Hefferon on twitter, Paul Hefferon on social media, Paul Hefferon brooks runner, Paul Hefferon race results

Robert Scribner

Robert Scribner on twitter, Robert Scribner on social media, Robert Scribner brooks runner, Robert Scribner race results

Ryan Sheehan

Ryan Sheehan on twitter, Ryan Sheehan on social media, Ryan Sheehan brooks runner, Ryan Sheehan race results

— Track —


Amy Lia

Amy Lia on twitter, Amy Lia on social media, Amy Lia brooks runner, Amy Lia race results

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Amy Hastings

Amy Hastings on twitter, Amy Hastings on social media, Amy Hastings brooks runner, Amy Hastings race results

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Angela Bizzarri

Angela Bizzarri on twitter, Angela Bizzarri on social media, Angela Bizzarri brooks runner, Angela Bizzarri race results

Ariana Hilborn

Ariana Hilborn on twitter, Ariana Hilborn on social media, Ariana Hilborn brooks runner, Ariana Hilborn race results

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Desi Davila

Desiree Davila on twitter, Desiree Davila on social media, Desiree Davila brooks runner, Desiree Davila race results

Shayla Houlihan

Shayla Houlihan on twitter, Shayla Houlihan on social media, Shayla Houlihan brooks runner, Shayla Houlihan race results

Katie Follett Mackey

Katie Mackey on twitter, Katie Mackey on social media, Katie Mackey brooks runner, Katie Mackey race results

Fawn Dorr

Fawn Dorr on twitter, Fawn Dorr on social media, Fawn Dorr brooks runner, Fawn Dorr race results

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Gabriele Anderson

Gabriele Anderson on twitter, Gabriele Anderson on social media, Gabriele Anderson brooks runner, Gabriele Anderson race results

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Jordan Fife

Jordan Fife on twitter, Jordan Fife on social media, Jordan Fife brooks runner, Jordan Fife race results


— Trail —


Scott Jurek

Scott Jurek on twitter, Scott Jurek brooks runner, Scott Jurek on social media, Scott Jurek race results ultra

 — Tri —


Chrissie Wellington

Chrissie Wellington on twitter, Chrissie Wellington running for brooks, Chrissie Wellington race results, Chrissie Wellington on social media


Whose tweets are you following closely? Let us know in the comments below.

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