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The Next Generation of PureProject Is Here! Shop & Pre-Order Now

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The Next Evolution of PureProject Is Here!

Last year we introduced the PureProject line that delivered lightweight shoes for every type of runner. From the PureCadence, perfect for the runner who wanted a lightweight stability shoe, to the PureGrit that delivered a “feel” experience while logging miles on trails. One year later, the next evolution of the PureProject line is here.

Refresh to the Brooks PureProject line

The PureCadence 2 and PureFlow 2 are available now. The PureConnect 2, PureGrit 2 and PureDrift will be available starting Jan. 1, 2013. Learn more at

What’s New

The updated PureCadence 2, PureFlow 2, PureConnect 2 and PureGrit 2 feature new colors and designs for men and women, and a new asymmetrical upper that hugs the foot. The PureGrit also features an entirely redesigned lug pattern to enhance traction on the trail.

In addition to these updates, we have also introduced the new 5.6 oz PureDrift to the line. The PureDrift is a remarkably lightweight shoe that features a natural fit, light mesh upper and the ability to modify the shoe to a zero-offset while maintaining surprising comfort.

When can you get your hands (and feet) on these new shoes? The PureCadence 2 and PureFlow 2 are available in stores and online now. The PureGrit 2, PureConnect 2 and the brand-new PureDrift are available for pre-order and will be shipped beginning Jan. 2, 2013.

Order Today

To see all the new colors and styles, and or to order or pre-order, visit

Want to know which PureProject shoe is right for you?

Robyn and Nijah show you which PureProject shoe pairs perfectly with your current pair of Brooks.

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  1. crunner

    I have been running in the women’s Pure Cadence for a while now and I absolutely love the shoe. I was very excited about the launch of the Cadence 2 – until I saw it. The women’s version of that particular shoe is atrocious. Not sure how they came up with these colors and most women runners I know do not prefer a pink or purple shoe. I know the look of the shoe is less important than the function, but the shoe is so ugly I may not be buying it. Disappointed.

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