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Five Things Runners Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Run Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Repin on Pinterest and share what you are grateful for as a runner.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we asked our Facebook fans this week what they were thankful for? Your responses have been inspiring all around, but the most common one so far is simply the ability to get out there and run. Ain’t that the truth?

Here are a few other things we’re thankful for as runners this year. Add yours in the comments.

1. Public Restrooms

No running gratitude list would be complete without a nod to the public loo so we may as well start here. It’s not glamorous, but it’s oh so appreciated. From the regular porta potty to the Run Happy heated VIP variety, we are very grateful.

2. Mud, Obstacles & Zombies

Soaked in mud, sore from climbing rock walls, heart pounding from narrowly escaping death by zombie, we finish these races feeling like kids again. Big thanks to the themed runs popping up everywhere that prove it really is about the journey.

3. Our Support Crews

Whether it’s a literal support crew that helps some of our staff run ultras or the spouse or partner who holds down the fort while we crank out that Saturday morning run—we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you!

4. Running Buddies

There are days when the joy of running alone isn’t enough to get us out there, but the joy of knocking out the miles with our running buddies more than makes up the difference. A big thanks goes to the friends and family who join us along the run.

5. Race Volunteers

On race day they’re up at least as early as we are to stand in the elements, hand us water, and point us in the right direction. Racing wouldn’t be the fantastic community experience it is without the volunteers. A giant, heartfelt THANKS to you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for? Add a comment below.

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