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Brooks Ambassadors Share Their Memorable Running Moments

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“January 8, 2012: My fiancé proposed at the finish line of our first overnight relay. After an INCREDIBLE two days of running from Miami to Key West with 10 amazing strangers who quickly became our new best friends, it was the icing on the cake of an extra memorable Run Happy race. You couldn’t wipe that smile from my face if you tried.” – Meghann Anderson of Meals and Miles


A favorite running moment might be winning a race, or it could be finishing a race. It might be the moment the sun rises halfway through your morning run, or it could be the moment you get back home and put your feet up.

Whatever it is, each one of us has our own favorite running moment, and as Brooks looks back at Run Happy Moments in History, a few of our Blog Ambassadors share their moments to inspire you to share yours, too. The Brooks Blog Ambassadors are blogging partners who review our gear and talk about other Run Happy moments in our history. Just check out Meghann Anderson of Meals and Miles above being proposed to and a few other inspiring moments below.


Janae Jacobs – The Hungry Runner Girl

hungry runner girl, hungry runner girl runs a marathon, hungry runner girl janae jacobs, janae jacobs marathon finish

“My most memorable running moment happened during the last .2 miles of my first marathon. Running a marathon had always been on my bucket list and I finally got the courage to sign up, train and run the Salt Lake City Marathon. My goal was to finish the race alive but I realized in those last few minutes of running that I was going to be the 5th woman overall to finish and that I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:20. The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming and I knew from that moment on that the marathon was meant for me. “

Jenn Walters – Fit Bottomed Girls

jenn walters, fit bottomed girls jenn walters, jenn walters rock n roll 10k, jenn walters brooklyn

“I’ve run a lot of solo races, but this was the first one where I got to run with my friends. With matching outfits, beautiful weather and a we-can-do-it attitude, the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K in Brooklyn with three of my best friends was definitely memorable!”

Monica Olivas – Run Eat Repeat

monica olivas, monica olivas run eat repeat, monica olivas long beach marathon, monica olivas california

“Last year the Long Beach Marathon completely wrecked me, but this year I returned to that race and PR’ed by four minutes! I wasn’t in the best racing shape, but my goal was to ‘run smart’ via better pacing and fueling! My heart carried me through and I did RUN HAPPY!”


Tish Merritt – Fit Bottomed Girls


“Completing my first marathon. I smiled the whole time. Best, most euphoric moment of my life!”


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