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Ghost 5: Discover This Shoe’s Spooky Secrets

The team at Brooks who developed the Ghost 5, Jon Teipen, Cameron Rooney and

Behold! The Brooks team who developed the scary-fast Ghost 5. From left to right, Jon Teipen, Cameron Braithwaite and Zach Boteilho.

Women's Ghost 5

The Women’s Ghost 5

The award-winning Ghost 5 is a frighteningly-fast shoe. At around 10 oz, this new refresh to the popular Ghost offers neutral runners a light, cushioned ride for runs around town and race-day performance.

While hundreds of thousands of runners call the Ghost 5 a favorite, few might know the back-story to this truly special shoe. Below are five little-known facts about the Ghost 5 (and a few new features we are excited about).

1. How the Ghost Got Its Name

The Brooks Ghost was named not for the scary science used to develop it in our biomechanics lab, but for a not-to-be-named Brooks executive. This runner and Brooks team member was an accomplished collegiate and former 10k record-holder. What struck his coworkers as odd was the fact that this runner stayed in tip-top running shape, and yet no one ever saw him training. What they later discovered was that their fellow staff member was running hundreds of miles a month…at night. Just like a ghost, this runner would float through the darkness with ease. This so inspired his coworkers, they named a shoe after him. This is how the Ghost got its name.

2. Look Ma, More Ground Contact

How do you make runners love the Ghost even more? Give them more ground to run on. More specifically, we reduced the heel shank on the Ghost 5 giving runners more contact with the ground with each stride. Mid-foot strikers in particular will enjoy this enhancement. As Brooks designer Zach Boteilho shared,  “The half-shank on the Ghost 5 allows your foot to run the way it was meant to run—no mater your foot strike. It works with whatever foot-strike is most natural for you.”

3. Foaming at the Tongue

In the Ghost 5, we added perforated foam to the shoe tongue. This increases airflow to the foot and reduces the amount of glue used in manufacturing. Together this adds up to a more breathable and comfortable ride. If you feel like you’re floating, you’re right!

4. Europe Inspires

To develop the Ghost 5, our design team looked to some unique inspiration. During a research trip to Europe, our designers toured Rome, Barcelona and London, looking for inspiration on how to take a great shoe and make it even better. Their travels even included attended a Jack the Ripper walking tour, held on the very streets the infamous villain once stalked.

5. This Shoe is Packed with Tech

Mens Ghost 5

Mens Ghost 5

From its BioMogo midsole, to its Omega grooves, Omni Grooves and DNA inserts, the Ghost 5 is loaded with Brooks technology that makes you run faster, longer and happier. However, don’t be spooked and think you have to memorize all these new features. You just need to know that the Ghost 5 is a perfect mix of art and science. It’s ready for your run right out of the box.


The Ghost 5 is available online and in stores now in both mens and womens styles. The Ghost 5 retails for $110.

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  1. ijog4wine

    typo..Jack the Ripper, not Jack the Riper…unless he’s smelling ripe after running in his Ghost 5’s. 😀
    Seriously though, I just bought the Ghost 5’s on Monday – I had been running in GTS’s for the last couple of years, they were fine, but the guy at Dick’s Sporting Goods had me step on their mat to determine my arch. Alas, I am a neutral. I ran 3 miles in my Ghosts this morning and they feel GREAT!

  2. LHousley

    Love my Ghost 5s – never a blister or sore foot. Now I am looking for a trail runner that fits exactly the same – thoughts?

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