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Choosing Apparel to Run Cool & Look Hot This Summer

Brooks staff stay cool in D'Lite and HVAC apprel while running in Washington, D.C.

Brooks staff stay cool in D’Lite and HVAC apparel, even while running this summer in Washington, D.C.

The headlines across the country report the same news: record temperatures and high humidity are making conditions sweltering for runners and walkers alike. Choosing performance gear to run in is always important, however on hot summer days, making the right choice is that much more critical. I recently sat down with Brooks team member Liz Wilson to learn what she recommends for staying cool during hot summer runs.

How does Liz know the best gear to choose?

In addition to leading up our apparel sales, she is also a former NCAA athlete, avid runner and recently tested her stay-cool recommendations during runs in 80° F and 90° F temps with 80% humidity in Washington, D.C. On one outing, she even toured past the White House while decked out in the D’Lite Micro Mesh Tank. The result: the high temps couldn’t stop Liz’s Run Happy! If there were an election for Runner-in-Chief, we would vote for her.

Warm Weather Apparel for Women

For a perfect balance of form and function on warm weather runs, Liz recommends layering the D’Lite Micro Mesh Top over the Brooks Infiniti Bra. This allows for modesty, while also ensuring you are running as light and cool as possible. The D’Lite Skort rounds out the outfit and offers another way to stay cool on summer days. This skort features a hidden internal pocket on the right hip that is perfect for storing a key or ID while on the run. Toss on the Sunsheild Visor and you’re ready to go.

D’Lite Micro Mesh Top $16 – $25

Infinite Bra $29 – $44

D’Lite Mesh Skort $27 – $47

 Sunshield Visor $18

Warm Weather Apparel for Men

During hot weather runs, Liz suggests guys pick up either the HVAC Synergy Singlet or Shirt. The HVAC Singlet include silver threading that is naturally anti-microbial, meaning your top will keep you cool and will stink less after a sweaty run. This goes perfect with the light and versatile Infiniti Notch Short.

Even when wet with perspiration, the Infiniti Notch Short maintains its outer form and does not cling to the body. This short also features an anti-chaff 2-in-1 compression short and has lots of pockets for storing energy essentials. To protect your head and face from the punishing summer rays, Liz suggests throwing on an HVAC Hat.

HVAC Synergy Singlet $25 – $38 

Infiniti Notch Short II $48

HVAC Infiniti Hat $24

How do you stay cool on the run? 

Do you have recommendations for staying dry and cool on the run? Add a comment below. For additional tips on cooling down, checkout this post on Hydration Basics for Runners.

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  1. cisko707

    I just throw on shorts with a 3″ inseam, put on a headband, don some shades and rub in some sunblock and go for it! Shirtless means less lines. 😉

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