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Where Were You on National Running Day?

Brooks celebrate National Running day by laces on shoes and kicking out some miles at our offices outside of Seattle.

Brooks' staff celebrates National Running day by lacing up and turning out the miles at our offices near Seattle.

How far did you run on National Running Day, 6/6? Add a comment below.

How far did you run on National Running Day, 6/6?

What does the Brooks staff do on June 6, National Running Day? RUN of course! Yesterday our staff laced up and collectively ran over 300 miles. Below are photos of staff at our headquarters near Seattle and from team members based across the country.

Have a photo from your run on National Running Day? Post it in a comment below and tell us how far you ran.


Birmingham, AL

Taylor joins friends

Taylor Vroman joined the local running group Norm’s Gnomes for a run and fundraiser to benefit cancer research.

Phoenix, AZ

Jen running on NRD

Jennifer Miller shrugged off 95°F heat, tossed on a D’lite Mesh Tank, Epiphany Support Tank and a pair of Cascadia 7s for a run up Camelback Mountain.

Mountain View, CA

Anthony running in Northern California on NRD

Anthony Caligaris ran a local trail to celebrate NRD.

Murrieta, CA

Toby shares this photo of neighbors.

Toby Beyer snapped this photo of neighbors holding Brooks Go Cards after her NRD run.

San Francisco, CA

Thomas from California shares this photo of the Ravenna 3 on NRD

Thomas Buxton shared this photo of National Running Day through the eyes of the Ravenna 3.

Washington, DC

Brooks team member Toby Rollinson celebrated National Running Day in our nation’s capital with a momentous 4.5-mile run. Look close: Can you see the Pentagon and Washington Monument in the background?

Atlanta, GA


Tiffany and a store clerk load up Brooks apparel on NRD

Tiffany Morse teamed up with a store clerk dressed as the “Big Peach Superhero” stocked up Brooks apparel on NRD.

Boston, MA

Trish posed for a photo with runners from

In celebration of NRD, Stephen Gendron enjoyed post-run refreshments with the Pegasus Triathlon Team at the Greater Boston Run Company.

Brookline, MA

Brooks staff member Trish poses with retail partners

Patricia Steele celebrating National Running Day with friends decked out in the Brooks D’lite Micromesh Tank and D’lite Mesh Skort!

Durham, NC

Rain can't stop us on National Running Day

Sarah Swiss ignored the rain and celebrated NRD with a 7.5-mile run with friends.

Pittsburgh, PA

Jess with retailers

Jess Mueseler celebrated National Running Day with a retailer by giving away free Brooks socks with every purchase of Brooks shoes. Win, win!

Arlington, VA

Brooks Team member in Arlington, Viringia

Melody Jones snapped this photo after a 5-mile run in Virginia. On National Running Day, she ran solo: “you don’t need anything or anyone else to run!” You just have to go for it!

Did you run on National Running Day? Share your experience and add a comment below.

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  1. Austin

    Ahh, yes, I can see the Pentagon and the Washington Monument in the Washington, DC picture! Just to confirm, was that taken on the Washington, DC side of the river or the Arlington, VA side?

  2. Megan Ring

    I don’t have a photo, but I ran to and from work, about 3 miles each way! It was a cool but muggy morning and a brutally warm run home! Summer has come to Nebraska and I think it’s here to stay.

  3. Lilburnside43

    Our soccer team, the SLAYERS, were busy running up & down the field in Seattle, WA.  We won our game and took 1st place in our league, on National Running Day!

  4. Grant M

    Didn’t take a photo, but I broke in my brand new Cascadia 7’s (my first ever pair of trail shoes) at Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA.  Love the shoes and looking forward to lots more trail running!

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