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PureProject Just Got Even Lighter: Introducing the PureDrift

Taking our PureProject collection to the next level, we are excited to unveil the second generation of the PureProject line, and a new shoe, the PureDrift. The lightest shoe in the collection, the PureDrift further amps up the runner’s connection with the ground and their body. The new shoe features a natural fit, light mesh upper and the ability to modify the shoe to a zero offset while maintaining surprising comfort. PureDrift will launch at retail on Jan. 1, 2013 as part of the second iteration of the PureProject line.

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Connect with the road like never before in the new PureDrift

Connect with the road like never before in the new PureDrift

“PureProject was met with a lot of excitement when it launched, as runners gravitated toward the lightweight ride,” said Andre Kriwet, director of footwear product management at Brooks. “As we thought about what was next, our focus shifted to further honing in on fit, and designing an even lighter, more flexible shoe.  Every detail of the PureDrift is engineered to allow the entire shoe to work with the foot in a more natural way. The runner truly drives the experience and the foot drives the shoe.”

PureDrift Features

Backed by biomechanics research in partnership with with Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann and Prof. Dr. Joseph Hamill, the PureDrift features the original PureProject technologies, BioMoGo DNA, a rounded Heel and Nav Band, as well as:

  • A dual toe flex located at the three functional units of the foot, allowing for increased joint articulation and a more connected feel. 
  • An injected midsole to enhance flexibility and a wider forefoot that allows for foot expansion, increasing stability and giving the runner a more efficient toe off while ensuring proper alignment.
  • A removable insole, so the runner can customize their experience from a 4mm offset ready to run out of the box, to a more extreme 0mm offset.
  • An ultra-breathable mesh combined with a sleeker upper that gives the shoe a feather weight, near invisible, quality that delivers the ultimate connected experience.

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The PureFlow 2 and PureCadence 2 will be available starting Dec. 1, 2012. The PureConnect 2 and PureGrit 2 will hit stores on Jan. 1, 2013. The PureDrift will be available Winter 2012.

The PureFlow 2 and PureCadence 2 will be available starting Dec. 1, 2012. The PureConnect 2, PureGrit 2 and PureDrift will hit stores January 2013.

New PureProject Styles

Updates have also been made to the four original PureProject styles: the PureConnect 2, PureFlow 2, PureCadence 2, and PureGrit 2. These updates utilize the technologies introduced in the original line, while placing increased emphasis on fit. The upper has an all new design that wraps the foot, delivering a customized feel, while allowing the foot to move more naturally.

The PureGrit also debuts a new outsole design. A more aggressive multi-directional lug pattern provides better traction for maneuvering tough trails.

Release Dates

The PureFlow 2 and PureCadence 2 will be available at retail starting Dec. 1, 2012, for $100 and $120, respectively. The PureConnect 2, PureGrit 2 and PureDrift will hit stores on Jan. 1, 2013, and sell for $90 and $110, respectively. The all-new PureDrift will be available also be available on Jan. 1, 2013, for $100. Sign-up on for email updates on the release of these new lightweight styles.

Tech Sheets:

Do you like to connect with your run? Which PureProject shoe do you run in?

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  1. A.J. Lichlyter

    Looks like Brooks has taken input and put it to good use. I might actually buy a pair of the PureDrift!

  2. Brandon

    Finally, I can ditch my Saucony Hattori and complete my all Brooks lineup with the Pure Drift. Can’t wait to grab a pair!

  3. Yanai Barnea

    Sounds great. I’m running in the PureFlow at the moment and enjoying the ride – It helped me come back from a 1.5 year knee injury (that and improved technique). Would love a zero drop from brooks with the PURE Project elemnts.
    *BROOKS: please consider manufacturing these with a wider option availble for all us wide footed runners – It will make a HUGE difference!!!

  4. Bendite

    I can’t open the link to the PureGrit 2…Think you could possibly post a working link? I am stoked to take a closer look at them

    • brooksblog

      @2bf58dd2dd2b624cbdddfb3b7dc6d12f:disqus Here is the direct link. We’re excited too.

  5. Dave A

    You guys nailed it with the PureProject line.  I run in the PureConnect (just purchased another pair) and it has hit the “sweet spot” for me where it is minimalist, there is just enough cushioning, is lightweight, extremely flexible, fits like a glove and feels like a slipper.  Running for 34 years this is the first shoe I have run in without developing some kind of soreness or injury. The shoe allows me to practice natural running form very efficiently.  Keep up the good work Brooks and looking forward to release of the PureDrift and updates to the current PureConnet line.  Thanks for a great product!!

  6. Josh Warren

    I run the pureflow, I love the shoe! I would, however, like to see asymmetrical lacing on them… I loved the lacing on my green silence. I will be checking out the drift.

  7. Ray Hunt

    My first pair of Brooks were Ravenna 2s. When I felt ready this Fall for a minimalist shoe, I chose the Pure Flow and fell in love! Can’t wait for the PF 2s to hit the shelves… heck put me down for a pre-order!!!!!

  8. Cesar

    I recently bought a pair of Pure Connect with great expectations. However they made my left arch painfully swollen after my 20 miles training, just three weeks before my marathon. Reason: The left shoe has a bump under the insole and has a bulky sewing on the heel area. Who from Brooks can help ? Can I get a replacement?

  9. Isaac

    I bought the pure drifts and was surprised about how comfortable it was. However I have an issue with the toe having a crease that forms whenever I run. Two other friends of mine also experienced the same issue.

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