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Brooks Joggle Happy Tour Finishes with a Bang

Bob and Trish Joggled for over ___ miles.

Bob and Trish on the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour traveled over 22,000 miles across the US.

The Brooks Joggle Happy Tour is officially complete.  This 8-month running adventure was a dream-come-true for Bob and Trish Evans, the world’s fastest joggling couple (joggling = running + juggling). Below are a few of their impressive stats:

  • 22,047 miles traveled
  • 243 days of touring
  • 27 races complete

Since September, the “Brooks jogglers” raced 27 times in 17 different states. They were the top male and female finishers in eight of those races (against non-juggling runners) and at least one of them took 1st place in 13 of the 27 races. Along the way, they set 4 Guinness World Records, created many Run Happy memories, and promoted their message of fun and fitness to thousands of people all over the country.

Check out what Bob and Trish had to say about their favorite moments from the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour:


Our second joggling event on the tour was the Mount Desert Island 5K in Bar Harbor,Maine. The weather and scenery were beautiful and this was the first race that we swept the top two spots (overall male and female). Trish also had the “best blueberry crisp ever” at this pre-race dinner.


The third stop of the joggling tour.  We joggled up the “Rocky Steps,” performed at the Philadelphia Juggling Festival, and set monumental PRs in a local 5K. The 5K course was a flat out-and-back, which is good for fast joggling. Trish joggled her first sub-20 world record time of 19:46 and Bob joggled his first sub-17 with a time of 16:59.


The fourth event of the tour brought us to Asheville, NC. While there, we performed at their local juggling festival, won the Carpenter’s Heart 5K, and gave a show at a local church for their Sunday School kids. The awards for this race were two gigantic trophies.


Event number seven, the Komen Race for the Cure in Nashville was a memorable event for many reasons. Fifteen other jogglers from the Nashville area joined us in this race in an effort to promote cancer awareness through the group Catch it Early. This was a huge event with over 26,000 participants and we both won the race. Bob broke the 25-year-old 5K joggling world record here with a time of 16:51.


Event number eight was in Atlanta. We raced in the Chomp and Stomp 5K which was connected to a big chili cook-off and bluegrass festival. Trish took second place in this race to a woman who was nine months pregnant! It was funny seeing a pregnant women and a joggler up on the podium. Yahoo! Sports posted an article about our joggling at this race: “Mind-Boggling Joggling”.


It was a thrill for us to get a call from Brooks about branding our tour. In December, we did our first race as official “Brooks jogglers” and we’ve enjoyed sharing the Run Happy philosophy and promoting fun and fitness all over the country. Bob’s favorite Brooks product is the PureConnect and Trish is a big fan of the Green Silence.


For events nine through twelve, we joggled four consecutive weekend 10Ks in Florida and really enjoyed the pancake flat courses. We both broke the 10K joggling world records in Jacksonville with times of 35:38 (Bob) and 42:53 (Trish). In Gainesville, we did a neighborhood street show for our wonderful host family and we met fellow joggler Matt Feldman who holds several world records for 5-ball joggling. We also created a juggling-themed music video during our time in the Sunshine State.


Event 13 was in early December and we had a deep-south immersion experience in Lutcher, LA. We participated in a unique southern tradition called the Festival of the Bonfires and joggled the festival 5K. During the week, race director, Ken Bradford, and his family hosted us. The Bradford family and the community of Lutcher went above and beyond to make us feel at home and they even cooked us some authentic jambalaya and alligator po’boys. The Festival of the Bonfires 5K is a running vacation that we highly recommend.


We visited several elementary schools and presented our fitness-themed assembly program. Kids really enjoy our interactive shows filled with acrobatic juggling and unicycling…and a little joggling. We enjoy using our unique skills and passions to share an empowering message with kids. We also had the honor of visiting some high school track teams during our travels with the hope of inspiring the next generation of Run Happy runners.


Monday is our day to find a gym and do a strength training circuit and an elliptical workout. As YMCA members, we had access to excellent gyms all over the country. We probably visited at least 40 different YMCAs on tour and each one was unique and full of good vibes.


Wednesday is our day for hard track workouts.  Finding a public running track on the road was sometimes challenging, but we were able to joggle on some awesome tracks like Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, Drake Stadium at UCLA, the Redwood Bowl at Humboldt State, and Pauley Track at UCSB.


Work hard, play hard, rest hard…and eat good food.  There is nothing like a big meal after a hard workout. We love pizza, pancakes, and burritos and we found some great places on the road for all of those treats. Our favorite pizza spot was in the Little Italy district of NYC, the best pancakes were in Providence (RI) and Nashville (TN), and the best burritos we had were in Portland (OR) or at the many Chipotle chains we visited all over.


Event 21 was on a beautiful sunny day and a fast, flat, out-and-back course along the water made this a memorable joggling event. Bob broke his previous PR and world record by 9 seconds with a time of 16:42. We also did an acrobatic juggling and unicycle show after the race and met some great people. This video really sums it up.

I.N.S.P.I.R.E 5K

Throughout our journey, the goodness of people and the hospitality of strangers has been a recurring theme. Like the Bradford Family in Lutcher, the race directors at our 22nd event in Fortuna, CA were remarkably good to us. Lanore Bergenske and Penny Fregeau set us up with food, lodging, and opportunities to share our “joggle happy” message with the community. We are truly grateful for their radical generosity.


Events 24 through 26: What a weird-wonderful place! We joggled three races in seven days in Portland and enjoyed all of them. The Earth Day Run was an especially fun race. With around 600 participants, it had all the benefits of a big event, but also had an intimate feel.  We really enjoyed the entire state of Oregon with all the natural beauty and the vibrant running communities.


Our favorite part about touring the country has been meeting a whole bunch of interesting characters. We have been on the road for the past 245 days and we have only paid for lodging three nights. The goodness and generosity of people on this trip has been amazing. The people at Brooks, race directors, fellow runners, fellow jugglers, couchsurfing hosts, and regular strangers have all contributed to making this tour a wonderful adventure and we are extremely grateful to all of them. Thank you to all who read these posts too!


Now that the joggling tour has come to an end, we are focusing our energy on the juggling triathlon challenge. On 8/11/12, we will attempt to complete the Panther Pride Sprint Triathlon in Iowa WHILE JUGGLING THE ENTIRE TIME! Our goal is to use this event to raise $20,000 for the Special Olympics organization. Check out our Triathlon Challenge page to learn more.


A special thanks goes out to all those who joined Bob and Trish during their joggling competitions and demonstrations over the past nine months. We wish the joggling couple the best of luck on their upcoming joggling triathlon attempt.

Does this inspire you to try something different during your next training run or race? Add a comment below.

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