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Learn How to Train Like a Joggler (Run and Juggle)

How did Bob and Trish celebrate Valentine’s Day? How else? Joggling!

Training tips from Bob and Trish

Bob and Trish, the athletes and Run Happy ambassadors behind the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour have been in Tucson, AZ for the past month. Tucson is where the couple both worked as high school teachers for 3 years before embarking on their tour to spread joggling and run happy.

On their return visit to Tucson, Bob and Trish performed several juggling school shows, promoted fun and fitness, and even filled in as substitute teachers when called to duty. Central to their love of running and teaching is their passion for empowering youth and inspiring children to learn and grow.

Bob and Trish have  enjoyed meeting fellow runners at races (Brooks Joggle Happy Tour schedule below), especially fellow Brooks fans. The racing couple is excited about their next couple of events in San Diego and Long Beach where they will demonstrate how to joggle and perform juggling shows to the public.

Bob and Trish’s latest race was the Camp Wildcat 5K which was run through the beautiful campus of the University of Arizona. Bob was the overall winner with a time of 16:53 and Trish was the top female with a time of 20:59.

Congratulations to them both!

Joggling Exercise Routine (Juggling + Jogging)

Want to learn what keeps these Guinness World Record Holders in tip-top shape? Checkout their weekly training routine below.


  • Long Run: Usually 60-90 minutes… usually without juggling


  • Gym Training: 30 minutes on the elliptical, 45 minute strength circuit of mostly bodyweight exercises, another 30 minutes on the elliptical


  • Easy Run: 2-3 miles with striders (sometimes barefoot on soft grass)


  • Track Workout: Bob’s latest workout is 15×400 at :76 pace with a jogging 200 recovery, Trish just did 12×400 and 1:28 pace with a jogging 200 recovery


  • Gym Recovery Day: 45-60 minutes of easy cardio… usually reading a book on a stationary bike and some swuggling (swimming while juggling)… the latest swuggling workout was 10 x 25-meter lengths/laps with 1 minute recovery between lengths


  • Short Run: 2-3 miles with striders


  • Race Day: Bob and Trish usually run 5k or 10k races while juggling.

Bob and Trish’s training usually includes around 25-30 miles per week. By combining road miles with active rest days and elliptical, bike and pool training, they keep their legs fresh ready to compete almost every weekend.

Upcoming Races

In addition to racing, at each stop Bob and Trish perform a juggling show for the public. To stay up-to-date on their travels, connect with them on Facebook.

Are you inspired to give this joggling training a try?

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