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Happy Valentine’s Day! Running Tips for You and Your Sweetheart

Run with your partner this Valetine's Day

Run with your partner this Valetine’s Day

At Brooks, we always think it is the perfect moment to kick out a few more training miles, or the right time to head to the track for sprints. Valentine’s Day is no different. On February 14, we dress in a fresh red singlet, stare intensley into the eyes of the one we love and whisper:

Roses are red, violets are blue. Your sprint might be faster, but I’ll always love you!

We believe that the couple that runs together, stays together, so here are four ways you and your special one can mix romance and running.

1. Training is Us-Time

The Bachelor's Jason and Molly Mesnick kicking out a 6-mile training run around Greenlake

The Bachelor’s Jason and Molly Mesnick kicking out a 6-mile training run around Greenlake

Training for an upcoming race? Don’t stress over putting in your long runs and being away from the one you love. Bring him or her with you! If you are training for a half or full-marathon, register with your partner and complete this goal together.

2. Take Running Vacations

Don't lay on the beach. Run on it!

Don’t lay on the beach. Run on it!

Forget lounging in the sun at some exotic location. Next vacation, trade your beach towel for a pair of trail shoes and go for a run with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You’ll see the sights faster and will return from your vacation feeling relaxed and stronger as a couple.

3. Care For Each Other

Photo via Flickr @DrSam

Photo via Flickr @DrSam

Think of how he or she will appreciate it when you wrap your partner in a mylar blanket after a tough race. Or when you ignore hunger pains and give him or her your last Gu. After a run is the perfect time to share your love for each other.

4. Say ‘I Love You’ with New Shoes

Be my Valentine!

Be my Valentine!

Whether you picked up a pair of Green Silences in black (goes perfectly with formal attire), or you bought a pair of PureConnects in the new Spring colors, gifting a pair of shoes makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Handing over a box to the one you love reaffirms your commitment and says “let’s run together”.

How do you mix running and romance?


We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a beautiful life with your loved one! Run Happy!

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