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Brooks Joggle Happy Tour Heads West

The Brooks Joggle Happy Tour continues to steam across the US, as Bob and Trish topple  running records and bring joggling (running + juggling) to the running masses. Bob and Trish love inspiring others to be active. During each stop in the tour, the couple hosts free juggling lessons for the public, teaching both adult and youth runners. When Bob and Trish aren’t teaching others, the Guinness record-holding couple compete at 5k and 10k races while joggling.

5K &10K Joggling World Champion Trish Evans

5K & 10K Joggling World Champion Trish Evans

In 2011 alone, the couple, raced in Brooks gear at 24 events. They joggled outdoors in sub-20°F weather and even had time to mix in basketball trick shots into their normal routine.

Bob and Trish have ambitious goals for 2012. They plan to joggle a team marathon (relay-style, with Trish and Bob each completing half of the race) and to juggle a sprint triathlon (we can’t wait to see how they manage the swim leg of the race ).

Bob wants to joggle a 16:30 5k (a BLISTERING 5:19 min/mil pace) and to also break the one-mile record of 4:42 (he notched a 5:00 on his first time trial attempt). In 2012, Trish wants to run another sub-20 5K and break the 100-meter record of 14.9s.

Can they be stopped? We hope not!

Upcoming Joggle Happy Tour Stops (more details coming soon)
Are you in the area? We hope you can stop by a race.

Bob & Trish Visit an Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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    • Anonymous

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