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Spring is Closer Than You Think: New PureProject Colors Have Launched

Brighten your winter runs with a new color of PureProject

Brighten your winter runs with a new pair of PureProject shoes

With winter still in full swing, the days are cold and dark. However, this doesn’t stop runners from logging miles. For my daily runs, I bundle up in three technical shirts (one short-, two long-sleeve), running tights, a hat and gloves.

After taking a moment to gather my will-power, I sprint out of my house into the cold and damp Seattle air. My goal is to ramp-up my heart rate and warm my core within a half-mile, then drop down to my standard training pace for the remainder of the run. While this helps to keep me warm and motivated when the temperature is low, I still dream of the brighter and warmer spring days to come. Luckily, Brooks is lending a helping hand.

Our new Spring PureProject colors are now available in stores and online. You do not have to wait for the temperatures to warm, for your day to brighten. Just add your own color with PureProject. Men and women now each have three designs to choose from of the PureConnect, PureCadence, PureFlow and PureGrit. Whether you are looking for a neutral, support, guidance or trail shoe, we have a lightweight option for you.

NEW Color! Women's PureCadence 

These two new color lines were inspired by water and fire, complimenting the Earth colors released last fall.

If you loved our original PureProject line, you will love these too. The new Spring PureProject colors are lightweigth, include five innovative technologies and provide the same great connected “feel” as the original line released last fall. The days might still be frigid, but spring colors have already blossomed. For details on our award-winning, lightweight PureProject shoes, visit www.brooksrunning.com/PureProject.

In addition to dressing warm and lacing up your shoes, what do you do to run in the winter?

PureProject shoes including the PureGrit, PureCadence, PureFlow and PureGrit are now available in three styles. Check them out below or visit www.brooksrunning.com.

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  1. Jennifer Keleher

    Love these Pure Project shoes!  They look great and lots of people trying them out for the first time are raving about them.  I am still loving my Adrenalines, however.  -JK

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