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Spreading Joggle Happy Cheer Through the South

Brooks Joggle Happy Tour

Brooks Joggle Happy Tour

They are joggling, breaking world records, performing juggling shows, setting bigger goals and traveling across the US! The Brooks Joggle Happy Tour is now making it’s way through Florida and Louisiana.

Over the last two weeks, professional jogglers (running+juggling) Bob and Trish Evans have been the top finishing male and female in a 5k and 10k (despite being the only ones juggling while running), ridden bikes next to alligators, and are mapping out their course to Tucson, Arizona where they hope to run PRs (and new world records). Check out the southern joggling video and Bob and Trish’s homemade happy holidays video below.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans


We received word from the busy travelers in Lutcher, Louisiana where Bob and Trish were staying with race director Ken Bradford. Bob and Trish said about their travels, “The people in Lutcher treated us like celebrities… they went above and beyond “southern hospitality” and we really enjoyed bringing some joggle happiness to their festival. We signed a bunch of autographs after the race!” Bob also informed us that he learned that alligators can run up to 20 MPH and ate two alligator sandwiches in hopes of picking up some of their speed.

In Miami, Bob and Trish took a day off, rented bikes and did a 15 mile bike ride through the Everglades and saw about 20 alligators. In Gainesville, they stayed with a family that had 5 kids under the age of 12, and performed a big neighborhood juggling show.

Trish Evans

Trish Evans

Also in Gainesville, the couple met fellow joggler,  Matt Feldman. Matt holds two world records for joggling with 5 balls. He has joggled a 400 meter dash in 67 seconds and a 5K in 26 minutes… with 5 balls! ” Joggling with 5 balls is much more of an arm workout than a leg workout… what Matt does is really impressive,” said the Evans.

What’s Next?

Now that Bob and Trish have each broken the Guinnes World Records for both the 5k and 10k, “We are trying to decide what our next big goal will be,” said the Evans. Bob is considering training to break the record for the fastest joggled mile (currently 4:42) and Trish is eying the 100 meter dash record (14.9).  “We are also thinking about doing a marathon as a team, relay-style.” While juggling of course.

Besides joggling, Bob and Trish have also been practicing riding unicycles while juggling and swimming on their backs while juggling over their heads. …A triathlon perhaps? There most immediate goal, though, is to PR in Tucson, Arizona.

For more information about Bob and Trish and the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour check out our previous blog post and their personal website. For some Joggle Happy holiday cheer, check out the below video created by Bob and Trish.

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