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Going, Going, Green!

Green Shoes

Brooks created these "green" shoes from reused scraps from our production process. Would you wear them?

While Brooks’ mission is to inspire everyone to run and be active, here at Brooks we also care about healthy minds and bodies and sustaining the environment. As part of our Running Responsibly program, Brooks published our first ever comprehensive report on Brooks’ social and environmental performance, which covers 2009 and 2010 impact and efforts of Brooks Running. Brooks President and CEO, Jim Weber, stated about the program,

“In our quest to make best-in-class performance products for runners, we also affect people and the environment as we process materials, contract with factories, and ship products around the globe. We care about healthy bodies and minds, and our role in fostering an environment where life can thrive for the long run. We are committed to evolving into a business that is more sustainable, one that builds great running gear with minimal impact on humanity and the Earth.”         Jim Weber, President & CEO

We realize that in terms of becoming green we still have a marathon in front of us, however, we are proud of the steps we have taken and are excited to continue making progress. Below are several highlights from the past two years that we are especially proud of.

Going Green Highlights:

Brooks BioMoGo

Brooks BioMoGo

BioMoGo– Among our product achievements is the creation of the BioMoGo midsole. Traditional midsoles (made of Ethylene Vinyle Acetate) are one of the least biodegradable shoe components, lasting up to 1,000 years in a landfill! We added a non-toxic, natural additive compound that encourages anearobic microbes to munch away once the material hits an active, enclosed landfill. This causes BioMoGo midsoles to degrade 50 times faster than standard midsoles! And the best part? We are sharing this technology with other footwear companies in a unified effort to become greener! This technology has won more than one award.

The Green Silence

The Green Silence

The Green Silence– This ultra-green shoe has made a loud statement about eco-friendly performance. Utilizing recycled and other earth-conscious compounds, this shoe breaths new life into countless items (such as plastic bottles) that would otherwise be discarded. The Green Silence contains less than half of the parts of comparable shoes.

The Super Green Shoe Box

The Super Green Shoe Box

Shoe Boxes– We broke down every aspect of the shoe box experience to determine what was necessary. We then created an industry-leading green (well, technically blue) shoe box. Our new shoe boxes are 100% PCR paperboard, are only one color to use less energy during printing, and are made in a low-emissions plant with 100% on-site water treatment.

As Jim Weber put it, “Doing what’s right for humanity and the Earth is a lifelong race. And we’re running it.” To see all of the innovative Running Responsibly projects Brooks is involved with view the full report.

How do you run green?

As a way to show our love of Earth, Brooks created these custom “green” shoes below by reusing scraps from our shoe production process. Would you wear them?




About Kristen
Kristen has worked for Brooks since summer 2011 and is an addicted runner. She ran in the Big 10 conference for The Ohio State University where she recently finished her master’s degree in Communication. Kristen is now running half-marathons (with a PR of 1:18:41) and full marathons (2:45:46). Kristen is a 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.
  1. Andrew Armiger

    Kudos, these are great!  Would be great to see an entire Green Silence training/racing shoe and training/racing apparel line, using many of the same technologies present in the Green Silence shoes.

  2. Anonymous

    @29f4d45639f4039c68dfd463faf464e9:disqus @cf38b860228b628442b93f32e36cdbac:disqus  We’re glad you like them. They will not be making their way to retailers… not yet at least. Run Happy!

  3. Elizabeth C Boyd

    omg i want these shoes, HOW DO i GET THEM!!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!? (Picture Grover the Muppet running in circles begging please please please pleas pleaseplease)

    Do you actually Makes them to buy.,.. in Women’s Size 8 or 8.5 please please please….

    Nike has colorful ones but only Brooks fit my heels.

    Elizabeth Boyd

  4. Abrowntri84

    I will sooo wear those shows, where can I get some? I love all the crazy bright colors on shoes these days! Gives us runners character!

  5. Dashorders

    OF COURSE!  Been a Green Silence runner now for 3 years and I won’t go back.  But, I would MAKE an exception for these gorgeous things!  Green running rules!  -Earth Momma Mer

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