Nov | 8
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Training Breakthroughs with The Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick

Just a few weeks ago, running three miles was a big deal, now I’m running three times that distance,” remarked Molly Mesnick, just moments after she completed a ten-mile training run combined with a 5K Get Your Rear in Gear fundraiser race. Molly echos a common sentiment. When training for a marathon or half-marathon, within just a few weeks you can surprise yourself. The definition of possible grows from a timid “maybe I can” to nonchalant “just another 10 miles“.

With the Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon just three weeks away, Molly and Jason are now putting in their longest training runs before they taper for the December 4th race. While both have run half-marathons before, this time they each aim to set personal records in Vegas. Brooks is helping to train Molly and Jason and to document their progress. We will also be there on race day to to capture their triumphant steps across the finish line.

You stay up on Molly and Jason’s final race prep by following them on Twitter at @Jason_Mesnick and @MollyMesnick.

What have you learned from marathon or race training? Did you discover you could go further than you expected?


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