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Tips on How to Dress for the Fall Weather

Be Warm

Be Warm this Fall

One of my running pet-peeves is when I step outside for a crisp fall run and shortly into the run realize I’m either dress too warm or too cold.  This typically results in either turning around for a thicker running top or (when I’m too warm) shoving my jacket into my mailbox for safe keeping and hoping that I return before the mailman gets there. Neither one is a particularly grand option.

Let’s face it, while it’s fun to run in colorful patterns and slick designs, running clothes have to be functional or you’re not going to run happy. Thus, I was thrilled to learn that Brooks recently developed lines of clothing based on temperature. In other words, Brooks took their super stylish and sometimes slightly-off-the-wall designs and made it easy for runners everywhere to know which running clothes are perfect for the weather outside their house. Now that’s pure running genius.

The collections are Be CoolBe Warm, and Be Warm Extreme. As the names suggest, each collection is designed to help you run happy in all types of weather–no  more turning around for a warmer running top or shoving jackets into mailboxes.  Since the majority of us are experiencing fall temperatures, I highlighted what I consider to be the most versatile Be Warm pieces (they are available in both men’s and women’s styles).

LSD Women's Jacket

Look bright and stay warm in this lightweight, stowable jacket

My go-to jacket is the LSD Lite Jacket. Why? Not only is it completely windproof, but it fits into the little zip pocket of my purse. Because it is so portable, it has saved me from many freezing winds during this football-watching-pumpkin-picking time of year.

Another staple is the Essential Run Vest. While this vest was built for running, it is so functional and so versatile that it can be used for virtually any outdoor activity. And to my fellow female runners: you will be happy to know that the women’s vest is both fitted and feminine. Style + function? Yes, please!

Men's Essential Run Vest

Men's Essential Run Vest

If you’re looking for a tough yet comfortable running top I’d recommend the  Equilibrium long sleeve top. This top feels like you’re running in silk, but it is so durable that you can wash it as many times as you want and it will still look brand new and still feel silky-smooth.

I hope these new temperature inspired collections help you run happy and run warm this fall season!

Jacket? Hat? How do you stay warm when the temperature drops?

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