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Discover Pure Running Heaven

Pure Running Heaven

Come see what Pure Running Heaven looks like at the 2011 Chicago Marathon Expo

When you see the 12 ft golden gates, you’ll know you’ve made it to Pure Running Heaven. No, you haven’t passed on or fallen into a deep dream about running, you’ve just stopped by our booth at the Chicago Marathon.

This Friday and Saturday Brooks will be at the McCormick Place Convention Center where we will be giving runners the ability to take photos with heavenly superstars such as Abraham Lincoln, Mona Lisa, and Gandhi, providing heavenly gait analysis and the chance to check out the new, lightweight PureProject shoes from Brooks. All the while, harpists will be playing inspiring classics to keep you pure and running happy.

For a sampling of what music to expect at our expo booth, check out the songs embedded below. All visitors will receive a CD of these songs and the chance to win other Pure Running Heaven prizes. Good luck!

Which song do you like the most?

Pure Running Heaven Playlist




Maniac Harp

Just Dance

Holiday Harp



Beat It


 What song would you play in your Pure Running Heaven?

   Fans visiting Brooks Pure Running Heaven in Seattle

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