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If You Can Run, You Can Joggle

Bob and Trish Joggling

Bob and Trish Joggling

You could say that Bob and Trish are an “average couple”. They are both certified high school teachers, own a small business on the side and often race in Brooks on the weekends. The only thing not-so-average about Bob and Trish is that they don’t just run—they joggle (juggling while running).

After Bob and Trish both finished their collegiate athletic careers at Michigan Tech University they decided to try a new challenge and joggled their first race in September 2010. Despite the fact that they were the only jogglers in the race, Bob was the first male finisher and Trish was the first female finisher. According to Trish, “It was such a new and fun challenge that now I can’t think of doing a race not joggling…like it would be taking the easy way out.”

That race inspired both Bob and Trish to ‘get serious’ about joggling, stated Bob, and since then, Trish has set the Guinness World Record for the fastest joggled 5k and Bob has joggled at least one mile every day for over 400 days.

Trish set the Guinness world record at the World Joggling Championship in Rochester Minnesota on July 20, 2010 in 21:46 wearing Brooks Green Silence. She also holds the joggling world record for both the 800m and 200m events. Trish stated about the race that “I was recovering from a sprained ankle at the time and that was the third time in two weeks that I ran on my ankle at all.”

Starting this month, Trish and Bob are taking a year off from teaching to tour the country and joggle. They plan on joggling lots of races, breaking more records, and performing shows they developed for their juggling business.“We juggle, ride unicycles and do weird acrobatic balance poses,” said Bob about the show. The couple has teamed up with Team Catch It Early, a cancer awareness advocacy group that encourages joggling as a way to support cancer prevention education.Bob stated that, “Because we know that [joggling] does draw attention, we want to find ways to use that attention and awareness for good causes.”

Over the next year, Bob hopes to break the men’s 5k joggling record of 16:55 and Trish would like to break the one-mile, 100m, and 400m records so that she can hold the records for all official joggling distances. “There is some good competition out there so it should be fun,” stated Trish about the challenge.

When asked what he would say to runners interested in learning to joggle, Bob replied, “If you can run, you can joggle”. However, you may want to be careful where you start joggling. “I feel bad when I joggle past golden retrievers because you can tell they would love to play with one of the juggling balls,” said Bob.

To follow Bob and Trish as they traveling across the U.S., check out their blog at

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