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Want to Test Brooks’ Products? Check Out the Brooks’ Wear Tester Program!

Become a Brooks Weartester

Check out the Wear Tester Program to learn how you can test new Brooks' products!

Brooks’ Ghost 4 running shoe was recently deemed “Editor’s Choice” in Runner’s World’s Fall 2011 Shoe Guide (September issue), but winning such an award does not happen by chance. Every shoe creation by Brooks is carefully researched in the lab and on the run to make sure it meets the needs of runners. One research method is to have runners like you run in and provide feedback about new footwear.

According to Brooks’ Wear Test Team, every shoe is tested throughout the development process. One such test is to provide the footwear to runners (or “Wear Testers”) so that they can run in the shoes and provide Brooks with feedback! Brooks uses Wear Tester feedback to make sure that the shoes have been tried by runners and are up to the high standards Brooks sets for new products.

Wear Testers are selected based on criteria such as shoe size, current favorite training shoe, type of gait, and occasionally weekly mileage and body weight. Great Wear Testers are runners who can identify what he or she likes and dislikes about a shoe—this includes everything from the color and design to the fit and feel of the shoe.

According to our Wear Test Team, “Wear testing is about making our product the best it can be. It is about testing product we are considering presenting to the market…We ask for feedback multiple times during the testing periods and usually adhere to a strict timeline of due dates. Wear testing is one piece of the puzzle in the long process of creating, tweaking and refining product before it is market worthy.”

Want to become a Wear Tester? Check out for more information. Unfortunately, due to customs requirements and restrictions, Brooks is unable to ship testing products internationally, and therefore Wear Testers must reside in the US.

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Kristen has worked for Brooks since summer 2011 and is an addicted runner. She ran in the Big 10 conference for The Ohio State University where she recently finished her master’s degree in Communication. Kristen is now running half-marathons (with a PR of 1:18:41) and full marathons (2:45:46). Kristen is a 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.
  1. Barkalong

    Brooks “Adrenaline” makes me look forward to just taking ‘exercise walk’ 6 weeks post knee surgery because they fit my foot SO comfortably. Anticipating the day when I can navigate a Northwest trail in the woods, ortho surgeon approved!

  2. Tony Pham

    Omg, the wear tester is the most interest job that I’ve been known, I’m a shoe developer also, but I don’t have many chances to do this work and unfortunately, there is no brand in Viet Nam that requests this job!

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