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Which PureProject Shoe is Right for You?

Introducing the PureProject PureConnect

Can’t decide which PureProject shoe is right for you? As Brooks has developed the PureProject line, our goal is to create a lightweight shoe for every unique stride. The PureProject line contains four shoes: the PureConnect, PureFlow, PureCadence, and PureGrit. Each of the four shoes is designed for a different type of runner. Below is a guide to help you know which PureProject shoe is right for your running style.

Are you a trail runner who currently runs in either the Cascadia or Adrenaline ASR? If so, the PureGrit is the shoe for you! With the help of ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, the PureGrit was created to provide a balanced landing every time your foot hits the trail while remaining super light and comfortable.

If you want the dynamic cushioning of our Guidance shoes and run in the Glycerin, Ghost or Ravenna then you should consider the PureFlow. The PureFlow is design to provide arch support without bulkiness, and progressive footwear technology provides guidance in finding your natural landing spot.

Need support or run in the Trance or Adrenaline GTS? The PureCadence is your best choice. The PureCadence provides runners with support that helps fix common problems such as overpronation while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Consider yourself a neutral runner or run in the T7 Racer, Racer ST or Green Silence? Give the PureConnect a try! The PureConnect allows for freedom and breathability. Thus, if you are searching for a shoe that lets you feel the road, the PureConnect is what you want.

The PureProject shoes will be available October 1, 2011. Pre-order yours now!


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  1. fawn dorr

    The Pure connect is amazing and i highly recommend it for people who want a little arch support. i use them every day i have a workout where i want 2 be just a little lighter on my feet.

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