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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Own Racing Flats

The pros wear racing flats, but does that mean you should? Racing flats are lightweight shoes that draw their name from having a low heal-to-toe drop in sole height (where the “flat” comes from) and were traditionally worn just for competitions. However, these bright shoes aren’t just for track stars on race day. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider owning a pair of colorful and light racing flats.

10. You feel like a pro. There’s nothing like starting a race or a workout and looking down at your new T7 Racer shoes and thinking “Oh yeah. I’m wearing the same shoes that Desi Davila runs in.”

9. They make you faster. You ran how many miles to drop a few seconds in your next race? Why not drop more time by just switching to your lighter racing flats? There’s a reason the pros don’t race in their training shoes!

8. They give you something fun to look at while you’re in line for the port-a-potty.

7. They are ridiculously light. The Mach13 Spikeless flats, for example, weighs about 5 ounces for women and 6 ounces for men. You might as well be running on air.

6. They look cool. When else do you get to wear super bright shoes like the orange and blue Racer ST 5s for men or the cheetah print Mach13 Spikeless for women? Even if you are just going out for a night on the town, the colorful shoes are a great conversation piece.

5. They help get you in the “racing” mind set. When you slide your feet into racing flats it reminds you that today is more than just another training day.

4. They make a statement. If you are racing to win or running to finish, fellow runners look at your feet and know you are there for a reason.

3. They are comfortable. From the Green Silence to the Launch, there is a shoe for every stride, and when your feet are happy you can run happy.

2. They give you an excuse to buy new shoes. Imagine opening the shoe box and …aah… new shoe smell!

1. They’re a confidence booster. Racing flats look good, they feel good; you are ready to go!

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Have you added racing flats to your running shoe arsenal? What do you think?

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    • Joel Ballezza, Brooks

      Jessica. No, Racing flats aren’t just for racing long or short. You can run in them daily.However they are of a lighter construction than some of our traditional shoes like the Ghost, Adrenaline GTS or Cascadia, etc. Hope that helps!

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