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Trance 10 Offers Soldier Comfort of Home

Sgt Brown posing with her Trance 10 shoes

A little while ago, Abbie Brown, a Brooks customer shared on our Facebook page that her shoes were doing more than just helping her run happy! Her Brooks Trance 10s reminded her of home.

Here at Brooks we love great stories, so we asked Abbie more about her running goals and discovered that she is really Sgt. Abbie Brown, a member of the Michigan Army National Guard. Abbie is part of a military police company currently stationed in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan.

I don’t come home until February of 2012, so quite honestly the Brooks I have in Afghanistan are truly a comfort of home” reports Brown.

When Sgt. Brown isn’t serving overseas, she is part of a large running group in Adrian, Michigan and frequents the fantastic Running with E’s shoe store.

Thank you for your story Abbie!

Brooks would like to thank you for sharing it by sending you a free pair of Brooks Trance 10s. Thank you for your service and get home soon!

We are mailing these to you SGT. Brown. Thanks again for your story!

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